Lines 2.0 on Android finally launching!

I know it’s been a long wait, but we’re starting to roll out Lines 2.0 on Android. Right now, we’re starting with 20% of users. If that looks good with no issues over the next day or two, we’ll increase to 50%. then 100% hopefully by the end of the week.

Thanks for everyone’s patience, and also to everyone who has helped us test the app out!


It’s easy to understand where to go, everything seems to be working right. The only weird issue is on my profile it has IKE as my name… is it because it’s too long?? (added a screen shot)

I am counting 13 characters (?) the same as mine. My complete user name is in my iPhone profile.

Yeah, we’ve had some issues with that header. It looks nice if your username is short enough to fit, but when it gets too long it does weird stuff.

There’s been some other android issues, like Plan Modify sometimes not working… so I’m hoping to fix a few things today (including the profile name issue), then we’ll increase the rollout to 50% of Android users

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Awesome, thanks!!

Is it wrong that I’m sad that I’m not in the 20%?


Mine on iPhone says missoverexci.

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The app on my Galaxy finally updated today. Thank you TP!


Mine is still the old version. Not that it matters since I don’t have another upcoming trip to plan. Only reporting because it isn’t yet 100% rolled out.

I’ll never understand how the rollout is done. I guess they do it in batches, not sure of the reasoning.

I just got my update yesterday. I don’t have any trips planned, but I like to pretend sometimes. Also, I enjoy checking the wait times for some reason.

Howdy @daybreaker !

I’ve had the new app on my android Samsung S10 for awhile now, just wanted to report that I cannot get the chat to scroll back to the top no matter where in the header I tap.

Once in awhile after scrolling through a bunch of threads one wants to go back and check the latest ones - but the only way I can get there on Android is to physically scroll multiple times back up to top of chat, then one more swipe to reload. I tried flipping over to My Chats and back to All Chats to see if that would reset it to top, as well as hit the home icon, then back to chat. No go.

Over on my iPad tapping the white space does scroll back to top as expected.

Correction. As of this evening, the new version came to my phone as well.

One thing that could be changed if possible.

In the old app, you could sort by “Super Land” and it would save permanently as your personal preference.

Now you sort “By Land”, but after closing the app and opening again it reverts back to the default sort by name setting.

I could never get it to “stick” in the old app. I always had to go to the bottom of the page and change the view.

Hmmm, well that’s interesting. This isn’t a big deal to me, just thinking of the folks who visit the parks a lot.

Maybe there used to be a trick to make it stay?

Hmm. After I switched to Super Land view, it always stayed. I haven’t checked the new version.

It must be an iPhone/android difference. It does not stay in the iPhone now.

I just checked the Universal app. If I close out the app it reverts again to alpha. Does anyone have that app and does it stay for them?