Lines 2.0 Attraction List - Social Distancing info on main page or no?

The current version of Lines 2.0’s Park Details page contains a yellow box for most attractions, describing the safety and social distancing measures in place:

That same information is also displayed on the Attraction Detail page.

I’d like your opinion on whether we should remove the information from the Park Details page. Doing so would make that page cleaner, I think. The downside would be that it’d take more clicks to see the relevant info for each ride.

If you could start your response with “Keep it” or “Move it”, and (optionally) provide a reason, that would be super helpful for us to compile results.

As always, thanks very much. Your input has been key in making design decisions on this app, and I appreciate it.


Is it not true of all attractions that social distancing measures have been implemented in queues? Feels redundant and too much info. Overwhelms. Maybe keep it just to the attraction details page.

I don’t know that the measures taken for in-ride experience are necessary (and I’m conservative about this stuff)


Could you have some sort of alert icon that brings up a splash with more information? You would then be able to use this for future alerts for attractions.

Remove it - I agree it feels redundant.

I agree that it is redundant, move it… Anyone using lines is aware of this.

Move it. Never looked at that part when using it a couple weeks ago. All the rides have something, so that was just to be expected.

Same. Move it.

Move it. Redundant, and it distracts from what the purpose of the attraction list is which is wait times (at least for me). Makes the page able to hold a lot less attractions without scrolling.

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Move it

Move it

Move it with an icon to denote they have social distancing. Maybe have the icon clickable.

Move it

Move it.

Move it. But also… are there any lines that do NOT have social distancing measures? If so, I’d like a warning for those specific lines on the park details page. To me, it’s more important to know the lines (if any) that I should avoid.

Move it, it feels redundant.

Move It.

I say move it, because you really only need to see that information once. So then the main page is cleaner.

Move it.

The time to do research about social distancing is before you come to the parks; when you’re there, that won’t be the highest priority data you’ll need to see, so having it front and center causes clutter.

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Move it. There’s a lot of information on that page. It would be cleaner without it.

Move it. Information is easily available elsewhere.

Move it.