Lines 2.0 Attraction List - Social Distancing info on main page or no?

Move it

Maybe bullet/ shorten it.

  • queue markers - 1 party per elevator
    -queue markers - every other ride row closed
    I dont mind it but an ! that could be tapped for a pop up on info could be nice too.

Move it. It takes up too much space and adds additional “scroll time” when going down the attraction list. And since this information is available within the details it isn’t needed on the main attraction list.

@len - I would remove it. Maybe put it on a main page BEFORE you click into a park? Some sort of a warning that says “Social distancing markers are in use in most lines for rides, stores, etc” - a one-and-done approach? Maybe even make it clickable off, as in “yes, I got it, don’t show me this again”?

They have a similar splash page thing on MDE, which you can’t click off. It’s at the top of the page. I know it’s there, and it’s annoying while trying to plan, grab a reservation, etc, because I know, I read it… I wish I didn’t have to see it all the time.

Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

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Um, while you’re making adjustments, can you also put in a fixed “back to top” button that sits overtop of the page as you scroll?

since the only way to refresh anything is to do the pull down from the top?

I was finding during my trip that was one of the biggest pitfalls cause I couldn’t be sure 1) I was working with the latest info and 2) I had to waste a lot of time constantly scrolling to get back to the top.



Can you not just double tap the top of the phone?

Move it. It does seem redundant as others have mentioned.

Interesting. That works, but it’s not obvious. And sometimes you’ll also launch into another page.

It should work on any app on the iPhone.