Liners Meet at Orlando Informer Meet-Up

Hey Liners!

There are a couple of us that are going to Orlando Informer Meet-Up in December and February. If you’d like to share a butterbeer one of those nights or wave “Hello!” let’s coordinate here!

Also, there is some initial conversations about doing a Liner Universal Great Movie Escape Room in February. I’d love to get a group together!

I’ll be at the Friday Night Dec. 9th OIM. My plans revolve around trying to ride P. Flyers. However, no matter what happens all my plans include me being at Seuss Landing in IOA and Cafe LaBama and Diagon Alley in USF.

Hope to see you there!!


I’ll be there on Dec 9th with DH and DS. Our plan is to start at IOA and let the crowds at Universal parade disperse before we head over there. But other than that, we’re just winging it!

I will also be onsite 2/3-2/5 and I’m hoping that I’ll be at OIM, but will hit the parks during the day at the very least!


They were telling people who hadn’t won the p-flyers lottery to “come back after 10” on the Friday we did Informer.


I’ll be there 12/9 and 12/10 with DH and 3 boys (ages 10-15, all 3 wear glasses). Our plan is still pretty loose, is there a button or secret handshake to ID fellow liners? I’ll be pretty obvious with the boys, we are not a quiet group :joy:


I would like to say you can spot us with DS14 by his incredibly unruly hair that is IMHO too long, but based upon the school drop offfine, that is all middle school kids today! (When did I turn into my parents?!?!?)


Hmmm… That’s a good idea! I’ll try to think about what it could be!!

There was talk about doing the Great Movie Escape Rooms as a Liner Meet. I think we could all probably coordinate a date / time to simultaneously buy our tickets individually for the same room time.

I listened to the entire DisUnplugged preview “review”. It’s good and spoiler free.

Here’s the bottom line - It’s more of a story than an “Escape” room. You will progress through the entire “adventure” no matter what. If you can not complete a challenge of a specific room it doesn’t matter. You progress through the story. This will be a good offering for families and such.

There are puzzles & things that they say were challenging, but nothing impossible.

According to them Back to the Future is “harder” - especially at the start. Jurassic World, seems to be more “family friendly”.

Also, there is a full bar open to everyone! You don’t have to have a game booked to go inside & drink / explore.

I bookmarked the video at the 15:00 mark as that’s when they start the Escape Room discussion

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My personal plans for my Feb. trip are coming together. I’m looking at either Wed. or Thurs. night - Feb. 1st or 2nd. to do the Escape Room (I’m leaning towards Thursday night)

Right now… I’m probably going to wait to either the week before or even walk-up to get my ticket. If anyone is serious about wanting to do it together, let me know!

Who knows…if I do one on Wednesday and like it, I might do the other on Thursday!

I won’t be arriving until Friday but my plans are up in the air until I find out what my niece’s hours are at Disney that week. I’m hoping she can join me either Friday or Saturday and especially hoping the OIM will fit into her schedule.

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My plans are still flexible. I’m trying to fit A LOT of stuff in on this last trip!!

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I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

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I’m at the 2 week countdown mark for my next departure. I’ve been keeping track of Escape Room availability if we want to do it together I don’t think walking up would be an issue.

Currently, I am planning on going on Wednesday night. (2/1/23) I would be willing to go a second time if that night doesn’t work.

We should be getting our OIM survey this week. Followed by our ticket info the next week! So excited! I’ve decided not to park hop and focus 90% only on food each night. Ptreanodon Fliers and JPRA are my only my do things at this event


I’m hoping my niece gets her schedule this week and that will help me finalize my plans. I’m flying in Friday morning, hoping to do OIM Friday or Saturday depending on her schedule and I’m going to Epcot Sunday. And, sadly, I need to attend my work conference Monday and Tuesday (the ‘real’ reason for my trip!).

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So she got her schedule and I booked us for OIM on 2/4

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I’m still waiting for the survey email…

Glad you are going!

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The e-mail came late last night! I promptly begged to get on Pteranodon flyers! Winners of the lottery will be notified Tues. 1/31/23

So… I guess I’ll know when I arrive!


Team Lighthouse :grinning:

Team Globe again…

I wonder how did you answer the question, “Do you want everything explained or just grab & go?”

Seems unfair that it starts an hour later on Saturday, but they actually charge more for Saturday… :man_shrugging:

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I agree with that - I was surprised it was more. I put grab and go. I’ll read all the instructions before rather than have someone take the time to do it.

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I did grab and go as well… I thought that might be a factor.

Oh well!

Very excited…trying to act cool at home, but would talk for hours to anyone that would listen!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

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