Liner help with Oga's Reservation

60 days + 10 failed me and I’m without an Oga’s reservation. Super bummed about it. So if anyone finds themselves cancelling a reservation for the end of October, ideally the morning of the 27th or the morning of the 30th please let me know!

be sure to set a reservation finder for it, that’s how I eventually got two Oga’s reservations for my trip back in early August after striking out at 60+10!

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Also, if you have flexibility in daily life - stalk the website.

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Ya, I’m using that as well. Just trying to up my chances in any way I can.

I had these reservations for our cancelled COVID 2020 trip so this feels particularly devastating :frowning:


Don’t be devastated, just be persistent in checking and using res finder, something will turn up. Increased likelihood in the days leading up to your intended dates.


It could be they just haven’t loaded them yet. I’ve noticed all restaurants aren’t always available first thing on the day they are available to work. Also try searching multiple ways such as on the webpage for Ogas, but also on the general reservation page using lunch, dinner and specific times. Hopefully it will pop up.


I ended up paying for mouse alerts. Was able to get a reservation within a few days of signing up. Also snagged a reservation at Beaches and Cream, something I’ve never been able to do in the past (we are always a party of 5+). Highly recommend.


I had the same issue with no available times at Oga’s for my 60+10 Nov 10 & 11, which seems highly unlikely. Has anyone been able to secure an Oga’s ADR in November?

Same. I upgraded to paid Mouse Watchers so I would get the text messages. On 9/1 I was able to snag Cali Grill for 10/1 - going to have a primo view for those fireworks.

Also - if all else fails, try asking day of at Oga’s. I no showed for one last week at DL (not my usual m.o. and ouch on that $10pp cancellation charge). So availability does pop up same day.


Dd20 and I will be there too!

It took me 25+ years to finally get to experience California Grill, and I can’t wait!! :sunglasses:


Why would anyone pay when there is a free reservation finder? I have got every reservation I wanted for my trip around the 50th - including Oga’s - using the Touring Plans Reservation Finder. I use the text message option.

Disneyland isn’t offered and you can only do two at a time. I have like 20 because I’m trying for multiple times and numbers of people (we are a party of nine so some places we have to split into 4 and 5). Therefore I am paying. It’s less than $10. I got one text at 515am I would not have gotten that reservation without it. Worth $10 to me.


I’d used the Touringplans reservation finder in the past and didn’t have any luck :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just wondering if you had any luck yet with your November Oga Rezzies. Same thing happened to me this morning. 60 plus 10 shut out. for November 16th. By 7:04Am Eastern no reservations. I put in a request at touring plans but they don’t start looking until September 17th.

I have notifications set up for anything that opens on two different days in late October and haven’t gotten a single text.

So disappointing. I guess the leading reservation thing doesn’t work for Oga’s Cantina anymore. Are other liners doing the same hack getting all these Rezzies?

The Guest Services CM I spoke to to help w my issue being unable to book 60+ ADRs bc of staying at the swan reserve told me Ogas isn’t always loading availability into the system at 60 days. As of now she can’t see any availability for Nov at all, its not even in the dis system yet . So trying to get it earlier w a leading res won’t help at all.

I have had zero luck with touring plans reservation finder since covid. But I have had tons of luck with a paid reservation finder called Mousewatcher. I think the new generation of dining finders is running searches much more often than TP does. I ran the same search on 3 different finders - Mousewatcher (paid) Mousedining (free version) and TP (free.) TP came in dead last. Mousedining wasn’t great either, but I’ve heard that the free version doesn’t get nearly as many hits as the paid one. Mousewatcher will also let you put in searches for restaurants with coming openings and you’ll get alerts as soon as the pool opens. That’s what I did for CRT breakfast and Boma.


Thank you for this. This is actually good news. So hopefully with some persistence and the Res finder we can something on our day.