Like Han without Chewy...I’m Solo (a sorta live trip report) (COMPLETE)

Hey all!
So while I wait for my plane to board (in an hour and a half) let me give you the back story.

DS9 is at my parents this week. DW found out about 5 weeks ago that she had to go to Minneapolis for a conference this week. What the heck am I gonna do at home for a week by myself (even the dog was going with DS). I started shopping flights but nothing good came up.

33 days ago I found cheap flights out of Detroit! With my AP and AP discounted room I could go on the cheap (well, Disney cheap)!!!

So DS and I bid farewell to DW yesterday and began the 6 hour trek to my parents. Got up late this morning and had a leisurely time before heading out to the airport (a 90 minute drive). Of course they ask you to be here two hours early, but I was parked and through security in 25 minutes. So here I sit (still with 1:45 before boarding begins)

I will try and post as I go so you can follow along.


In an attempt to fly cheap, I’m only bringing a personal item because Spirit charges for anything else. I fit all this

Into this with the help of space bags


How long are you going? Where are your clothes?


Three nights, four days. Clothes are in the vacuum bag rolled up. I thought about undoing them for the pic but decided not to!


I’ll be following along. How many changes of clothes do you have in that vacuum bag? With the amount of sweating you’ll be doing, unless you plan on washing while there you’re NOT going to wear anything more than once…

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Only there four days (including today, so I have three sets of clothes in the bag). I don’t anticipate going back to the hotel during the day so no changing. But everything is quick dry stuff so hopefully I’m not drenched in rain or sweat for too long at any given time!!


You didn’t come up with a better title then :wink:

Just kidding, have a fab time, I’m looking forward to following along with you.


Oh wicked cool! I wondered if that was what that was. Wait - how will you get them home?


Nope. I blanked on a good name. :joy:

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You can actually roll the air out too! And the vacuum valve is just a one way valve so I can suck the air out too if I have too.

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Got my room ready text! I used the TP fax and while I didn’t get the exact request, I got the room next door! :+1:


Where are you staying?

OMG love your puppy he/she looks like mine but smaller what breed is it? Good luck and have fun on your trip.

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Have all the fun!!! :tada::tada:

Oh! Have a great time! I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip!


Wow! That bag doesn’t even look stuffed full!

Love the bedcover, too.

Omg, I flew spirit last summer on accident…and the amount of stuff I smashed into my “personal” item for a weekend…was EPIC. Even the FA complimented me.

Of course I wore a heavy sweater and my blanket. LOL!! (I was going to upstate Minnesota and for this SoCal girl it was cold at night!!)

Did not fly home spirit. Whew.

But I love it anytime anyone bucks the bag fees on spirit!! Woo HOO!!!


Edna is a Shi Tsuro/Bischon mix (commonly called a teddy bear) she only weighs 11 pounds - and yes she’s named after that Edna :wink:


I’ve arrived in Orlando.
Just a quick DME ride ‘home’