Lighting lane return times for attractions

Does anyone know if there is data posted about the typical lightning lane return times for each attraction throughout the day? So for example, at 9:45, what times can people generally get for specific rides? I saw a touring plans post but it was from 2021 and didn’t have all the rides. Just curious if anyone knows where a more recent, comprehensive collection is?

There was an update by TP in February. See this thread with blog links. (posts 209 thru 227)

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Don’t let the black park names fool you, they are clickable.
Just narrow down to the ride. You can view different days.


What I did was to find a few days for each park that I thought were representative of my trip and had complete G+ data. That last was the hard part since many days had incomplete data or none. Then I made an excel file of the return times. When you find a representative day make sure it has the same park open. Since most people are getting their second G+ at park open +2, that highly effects when the return times jump forward.


That’s what I was trying to do—- how did you find data for representing days?

Yes, this is magical. @rgandillon - if I wasn’t already married to my husband with four kids, I might propose! Lol. For others looking the second link is What Can I Expect Genie+ Availability to Look Like? Part Two – Blog and for lightning lane (individual) Best Individual Lightning Lanes to Purchase – Blog.


So what about wait times throughout the day for rides? Is this a post too somewhere?

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The have those for every ride. I usually google the ride name, touring plans, and wait time.

Here is an example:

I saw that but how can I put in a specific date? It looks like it is showing today’s wait times? And I was only able to see yesterday and the next day?

I too have been attempting to figure this out. I’ve been using thrill data’s heat maps for LL return times per individual attraction (the ones that I’m interested in at least). I’m trying to use the info to book a return time that is closest to my desired return time based upon my TP. So for example, in my first MK day I want a JC return time at around 11 am since I want to RD Splash mountain but will also be leaving the park midday. So I look at the heat maps which suggest that if not getting them right at 7 am, return times at around the 7:15 may drop a little.

If you’re wanting to know about wait times for a future date, I like to:

  1. Take that predicted crowd level for your park visiting date
  2. Find a recent day (historical CL) with that same level
  3. Dig into the data for that past/similar CL day

Of course, if the predicted CL is off, it can throw off your expectations. It’s a big guessing game for everyone, but I find this way the best. This wait time info should be similar to waits in an actual touring plan.

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On the left hand side it has an option to put in a date.

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Doh! Lol. Thanks! I was being a total fool apparently. Still wish I could download some of this data in bulk, but at least now I have access to it.


I like to start on the main Historical Crowds page:

Then click on a month, and then a date:

Then under a specific park click this:

  • [Click here to see individual attraction details used in determining crowd levels.]

And then examine the graphs down below with the posted waits (black dots) and the actual waits (green dots)


Other people might have already answered. But just in case,
Go to and then find a ride, for example

In the top-middle you can change the date.

Here is a sample graph. If you don’t see it, you’ll have to pick a different date, because they don’t have that data.


I recently emailed touring plans because I couldn’t move rides up and down in the “evaluate” section using my touch. I had a hard time doing it before the recent update, and couldnt do it all after the update.

Because they added up and down arrows. :woman_facepalming: