Life, uh, finds a way ••• QWERTY’s Universal (mis)Adventures?

He discovered British restaurants don’t need improving.

Though I’ll never understand where America gets off criticising other countries’ cuisine. France? Sure, they can claim superiority. But the US? What the hell contribution have you repulsive lumps of lard made to the culinary arts?


I haven’t been to HS since Osborne Lights was retired so I have been left unawares. :frowning:

Lumps of lard.



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I shudder to recall the days of non-lumpy lard.


My live reporting was easier from the park days.

I’m in a terrible mood. But I’ve really enjoyed your input and don’t want to leave anyone hanging.

Van will cost $7000 to fix. And it will take into next week. We still don’t know how to get from Savannah to Greenville.
We’ve spent $700 on towing and $1900 on rentals.

Got to Typhoon Lagoon at 9:30AM. Free parking. Sat there watching radar and waiting til 10AM to drop off DS21 and DGF at DS. It was completely lost on me that the drop off location was directly across from Typhoon Lagoon, so I actually made a gigantic, unnecessary loop to drop them off. We were still inside Typhoon Lagoon by 10:10 AM.

Free parking, and no security?

Definitely all kinds of Disney feel as they welcome you and give you a lei.

The place was almost completely empty. And because a rip roaring storm just came through, they were leaves and branches and clumps of this that strewn pretty much everywhere.

We immediately went to the Crush-n-Gusher water coasters. There are three: banana, coconut, and pineapple. Pineapple was closed. We went up the coconut stairs. At the top, banana was not working. So they had to merge that line into Coconut. First two of my girls went down, then we went down in three other rafts. By the time the last of us have gotten to the bottom, my two daughters have gone back up to the top. They were down right behind us, and said they had been on banana. So we all grabbed tubes again and hike back up to banana. Which was again broken. We didn’t bother again. We were all extremely turned off to be honest.

We went over and rode the Miss Adventure. This was a very cool loading as we all sat on the raft and were drawn up on a large set of conveyor belts. That had animatronics. And Disney feel.

Water in the park was so warm.

Then we did the lazy River. Which was filthy with debris after the storm. And very slow. But the water was again warmer than the air.

My older kids dispersed again.

We grabbed some expensive pop. They have us cups to make sharing easy.

CMs were nice. They had so little to do. Many vendor places were closed.

By the time DH, DD9,and I caught up with the kids we were ready for the wave pool. DD17 and DS19 did every slide in the park. They reported that it felt like every ride but one was designed to inflict pain.

Then the wave pool.

Holy. C**p.

Up until that pool I was trying to figure out how to sell Typhoon Lagoon to @sanstitre_has_left_the_building

Hot dog.


DD17 was out there a swimming.
DD9 was splashing and playing around.
DH and I were chatting.
And the noise came up.
Waves to come.
Wow. That’s pretty big. Bet it dies down on the way.

Hmmm. It’s still pretty big.

That’s not getting smaller.

He held her UP, I got pummeled. They still got slammed. I was sputtering and choking and coughing. It was like when we went to the Pacific Ocean in 2018.

That was remarkable.

We had fun (?) in those monster waves for another half hour and DS19 started asking about lunch.

We determined we ought to get cleaned up and work on leaving.


We went over to DS.

DD17 was elated. She’s my Disney-phile.

We parked in Lime Garage.

We are at Polite Pig.

Was good. Do not be tempted to order sides. Share them!

It was delicious.

We spent a lot of time shopping. Then the sky for black.
And I missed my chance to meet @bethro23

Now I’m trying to figure out how to get home from Savannah.


I forgot to share that the monster wave that took us all by surprise took DH’s prescription RayBans


So sad I couldn’t meet you. Praying for a car miracle


Oh my. Hope you can find a way.


I’m hearting your posts for the photos and fun - but am filing a grievance to the travel gods for the $7K car repair.

Sorry to hear that, what a complete headache and walletache.


I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. I don’t even know what to say. I’m praying for a great solution.


We can rent two vehicles from SAV to GSP
$500 for the three hour drive.
Asking our church family for help.


I’m so sorry about the repair bill @QwertySC. And the sunglasses!

Your food looks great again!! :yum:



Seriously - it’s like comparing IOA and EP.
Either entirely the same, but completely different.
Or entirely different, but completely similar.

I am not one that suffers FOMO. I’d just go to the one with the covered ticket. You’ll have a blast. Don’t worry about what the other kids are doing.

Even on a grey day it was beautiful.

And no pesky security.


I love Greenville.
We left NY last July bc it was too New Yorky.
Greenville is very South Carolinay. In all the best ways.

We homeschool. But friends in our neighborhood use public schools and they are pleased. Kids getting into colleges and doing well. Etc.

I love it.

But. We have ordered pizza again here tonight bc SC pizza is weird. Haven’t tried @SirGreggLadyV ’s suggestion yet - but I will one day. I will pick one up and take it to @Broph1988 ’s for lunch and we will review it.

Then you can decide to move there or not. :wink:

@Broph1988 - I thought DSIL’s kids were homeschooled. Is that a sort of thing?


Honestly - I’m super mad about this.
Stupid rain.
My family was watching the clouds like Jim Cantore or something.


Sorry but this made me laugh


It was meant to. :wink:


I remember when there was a Twitter notice that Jim Cantore landed at BOS ahead of a Nor’easter and I commented on it to my family, saying it’s going to be a whopper if he’s in town…and my sister said ‘Who is Jim Cantore?’

I said ‘Are you kidding?’