Life, uh, finds a way ••• QWERTY’s Universal (mis)Adventures?

Oh, the best laid plans! I had 98% of a plan and already change is happening!!

Just like airlines have been offering so many travelers last minute hurdles, I, too, was handed a “Drop back and punt” experience to start our trip.

Around 3:30 PM yesterday I headed out for a thirty minute drive to pick up DD16 from an outing. A few minutes into my drive I was keenly aware of a Very Bad Noise as I drove. I called DH who agreed we needed to have it looked at before we embarked on our trip. Place is open til 6PM. Should be a 30 minute drive.
Some 75 minutes later I pulled in. Thank you Very Bad Traffic.
DH met me there.
Prognosis was bad brakes (as judged by the dude reaching under) and we were told to come back today at 9:30AM or so and they could fix it in about an hour.
Yes some tears of frustration, but we all kept our eyes UP. I had my wonderful support here and IRL and finished packing.

This morning DH took the van over at 8:30AM.

Today’s mechanic put it up on the lift and declare brakes are fabulous. Rather new (we’d thought so - but with 3 cars we don’t always know what we are doing) and ~

We are on our way.

Noise is still a little bit there, but mechanic couldn’t find anything.

Basically lost 3.5 hours of our planned day. Don’t have a cow, man.

Cancelled Toothsome’s last night when this all happened.

Who are we?
DH 52, me 50, DS21, DS19, DD17, DD16, DD11, DD9, plus my mom DM73 and DS21’s wonderful GF22.

Fun facts?
•DH and I were last in UOR 1999.
•Most of us have never read an HP book or seen a movie.
•GF22 was there four years ago and is huge Potter fan.
•From our new home in SC we have a 7.5 hour drive which is about 33% of what we used to drive from NY to FL.
•We haven’t had a full family vacation since 2019.

Oh, The Places We’ll (try to) Go
5/14 explore Cabana Bay - one night stay
5/15 swim. CityWalk. Rental house 6PM
5/16 IOA
5/17 Potter things and VB
5/18 USF
5/19 VB
5/20 Typhoon Lagoon (have 35 days worth of passes on 9 tickets LOL)
5/21 return IOA/USF for favorites. (DS21 and GF22 have college friend who will join us.)
5/22 home

A few people have helped me a LOT in planning and a lot of people have helped in some way. I will feel terrible if I try to list all the major helpers and leave someone out. But YOU know who you are. And I am grateful.

Any good decision I make on my feet will be because of your input and any dumb mistake I make will be in spite of it.
Hoping we have a Marvelous time.

Hoping I can throw photos into the thread here and there and ask questions. Probably won’t achieve the banter live trip reports enjoy.

TIA for joining me.
:pray:t3: appreciated.


So there’s nothing wrong with the van?!? That’s frustrating, but I’m so glad you are on your way!! Your plans look great.

35 days worth of water park tickets?!? That’s wild.

Safe travels!


Crazy that there’s nothing wrong with the van! Safe journey, have a fabulous time!


Yes. SO many years of Park Hopper Plus with no expiration. In 2019 I took all my old tickets to DS and had them convert all the old paper ones to plastic ones. As yet none are assigned to us individuals. Some have 6 days, some have 2. I need to be smart how I allocate. We will need a 10th and getting a single day ticket for DD9 would be the cheapest. But she’s one I’m most likely going to return with. Probably will buy a single day ticket for my mom…


So even with 35 days you need to buy one ticket?

Yes. :woman_facepalming:
Because we have 10 travelers and 9 tickets.



I’m so glad you’re on your way :partying_face:
Safe travels @Qwerty and family :yellow_heart:
Hope you have a super(hero) time :wink:


Clever Girl. :t_rex:


Then and now.

Last full family trip to WDW was 2016. My mom flew.
This was our trip home.



At least Noelle is happy :rofl::rofl:

I do like the 2016 photo with all the characters :star_struck::star_struck:


Such pre travel adventures! Last night’s mechanic needs to reimburse you your lost travel time. So happy that you can enjoy family time! Safe travels.

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Everyone has grown up! Comparing the two pictures brings tears to my eyes.


DS21 (then 15) made that after we returned home. I love it dearly. That van was more comfortable. But this one holds more luggage.

Yes! @stlouie time has marched


YES! A UOR Trip Report, thank you!

Can’t wait to follow along!

I LOVE :star_struck: that 2016 photo, that used to be your profile header right??


It probably was! I love this photo


I love this sign. :two_hearts::upside_down_face::smirk:



I’m on the side of the road in GA.
The tires just fell OFF our car.
Brake lines leaking everywhere.

Praying friends. Pray.


:astonished: Oh my goodness! I hope you’re joking :grimacing:

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