"Dutchess and Marie's" CATastrophe-free Graduation Whirlwind

No - really - I am Dutchess. See my Magic Band?

Actually, the band is from 2016. I have no idea if it will work.

And this is “Marie.” She graduated high school 5/6 and in lieu of a party, she and I will enjoy a whirlwind, four-night trip to WDW.

After the wheels coming off our May trip to UOR (no, really - the wheels came OFF),

I am speaking only encouraging words in my thread title.

I’m starting this thread tonight, because my alarm is set for 4AM (I am normally up at 5AM, so not too much of a stretch) and we will hit the road after I have coffee. Will it be 4:20AM? Will it be 4:45AM? Hard to say. But “Marie” (ok - going to drop the quotes from here on out, and I might call her DD, too) will likely spur me on and I probably won’t have much time to post in morning. And certainly not while I m driving.

This is a budget trip, big time. It was almost completely paid for by Disney Chase Visa Reward points.
We will have breakfasts in the room, and try to survive off packed snacks, Disney treats, one decent meal, and a few more treats. I’ll mention this again later.

This trip is decked out with some firsts for me.

First time on property.
First time in a group fewer than 3.
First time in late June with temps in the bazillions.

The Plan
6/23 DHS 2PM(?) to 9PM.
Oga’s ADR at 9:20PM.

6/24 AK 7:30AM - 8:00PM
8:30PM Fantasia Gardens

6/25 MK 8:30AM - 11:00PM
6:20PM Skipper Canteen

6/26 EP 8:00AM - 9PM

6/27 HS 8:00AM - ??? 2 ish???
Hoping to get a Sci-Fi diner lunch via ResFinder (it found me Oga’s).

We are driving from upstate SC with a projected 8 hour drive time.
The plan will be to start stacking LL at 7AM for our evening at HS.
There WILL BE stops at Buc-cees.
Breakfast from somewhere that sells More Coffee, and we packed a lunch.

Our goals will be RD to closing. That’s always been our MO, BUT we’ve also never gone in this heat and I’m usually herding a much larger group with rest days in between and off-property housing. We did pack bathing suits, JIC. If we find we are killing it attraction wise, we may be willing to do something I would never have considered before: leave for a while.

***As far as dining goes - we are trying to keep this as low-expenses as possible. And now it’s going to be a fun challenge. We have our rewards card that still has $66.10 on it, and a rewards card from my mom with $90.86. We also have been gifted two gift cards of $50 each. And I will have more reward dollars mature WHILE we are there - about $95. But I don’t know if it will be accessible Sunday, or Monday. Don’t worry. We won’t starve. It’s a challenge not a death sentence.

What did I leave out??
We do have G+, and know my way around MDE :wink: and will be trying for both a BG and an ILL$ for GOTG.

How about another photo?

I need to move away from tech and finish packing and get my brain to calm down so I can deal with the drive tomorrow. It’s the only part I’m not excited about. After the last trip… :persevere:

Our live reporting for UOR went surprising well. I am hoping to meet up with @mickeymathmagic and @JustKeepSmiling if things time up well. I do not have hoppers. :frowning:



It “should” work, for anything you have to tap such as park entry, LL, paying for food and other purchases, the photographer, and tapping your card after a ride for any on-ride photos. Opening your hotel door might be the more resistant thing, but you can always use your phone or get a keycard from the front desk.

Have a great time!


Much better name this trip! Hope you both have a wonderful time!


I’m so excited for your trip!! I think the two of you have so much energy that you will make it from RD to close.

You are wise.

Love the photo of the two of you!!
Safe travels.


Congratulations to Marie and Have all the Mom-Daughter Fun!


Woohoo! :pray: for a safe and no surprises trip.

Good call :laughing:


Beautiful picture of the two of you! I can’t wait to follow along. Get it all figured out for me!


Love that picture of the two of you! I hope this trip restores your love of road trips. Can’t wait to see how you get on with Genie+!! I am taking my girls in late August and we will be doing breakfast and snacks in the room with just one main meal out each day too. This is the way! When you’re with your kids anyway. :wink: I only splurge on a lot of table service when I’m with adults who are paying their own way! :joy:


Safe travels tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting you! And you got the Oga’s ADR! Hooray!!


So excited for this trip! I hope you and “Marie” are able to find all the Magic at Disney!


Looking forward to this report! Safe travels!


If your Magic Band won’t work on your door, get a key card at the front desk. I got 50th anniversary key cards just to have as free keepsakes. I did need to ask for 50th. I think that we got Donald and Goofy.


Safe travels and I hope you have the best trip!!


Yay! Hope you both have a wonderful time! I was late to your last trip report so glad I’m here at the beginning for this one.


Safe travels, and have a wonderful time!


Have all the fun @Qwerty.
Safe travels. Hope the journey is much much more boring than the last one :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::laughing:


Thank you!
I’ll respond later when we are in line.


Good call on the encouraging words in the title :joy: I love the colour of that shirt! The MB will work for anything you tap. I’m looking forward to following along, you’re going to have an amazing time!


Following along. Safe travels today.
“A cats the only cat who knows where it’s at.”


Safe travels!