Let's talk about happy things


  1. Summer weather can’t seem to come and stay.
  2. There are too many unknowns to really plan much about future trips.
  3. It seems like a lot of people are down on DVC ownership.
  4. I want to hear and have other people hear positive things in general.

Therefore, for you who own DVC:

  1. Tell me the one or two things you anticipated to be good about DVC that proved to be good/great about ownership.
  2. Tell me the one or two things that surprised you in being good/great about ownership.

I do not currently own DVC, but have toyed with the idea for a few years…so I will gladly follow this thread.

Well this isn’t about DVC but it is good news.

Our almost 10 yo Bichon went to the vet finally today. Much needed grooming and some tick repellent. He’s had a dry cough lately and his appetite has been off.

Back story, when she was 5 and 6 our grandniece saved and saved to buy a Bichon. She adores this dog. As he’s gotten older, DH and I are more and more cognizant of how thoroughly awful his demise will be for our grandniece.

Vet thinks it’s seasonal allergies. She told me about a shot that’s better than prednisone for his itchy skin. And some other stuff for him. Otherwise he’s just a stubborn crotchety old guy.

So very very good news for our grandniece tho she might not have been going in the same direction we were. :blush:


Ease of booking everything. I find it nicer and a more complete overview than the standard booking setup because I can see what days something is available as opposed to just being told ‘your room isn’t available those days’. I can also slap on a dining plan and setup DME without having to call. DVC Customer Service also seems to be lightning fast too.

I also love to be able to make fairly impromptu trips without any extra out of pocket expense. Last September is a wonderful example of this.

Same discounts as an AP holder.

Moonlight Magic and the DVC Lounge in Epcot. I had no idea about the either until DVC Rep told me about them. Haven’t been able to take part in the MM yet because of scheduling conflicts, but it’s a real nice bonus to have.

My favorite inconsequential thing though, as hokey as it is: The “welcome home” bit. When that ring turns purple at the mickey tapstyle and the CM realizes and says “Welcome home!” …it’s a good feelin’. :slight_smile:


Tell me more about this. I’ve always been intimidated by the “point” system and trying to understand how it plays out in reality. Were you able to book a last minute trip without any “out of pocket expense” because you had extra points that you could use and found a room last minute? And that just meant you had less future “bankable” points?


Is that just for like food and shopping and such. Or, if you are a DVC member can you pay the Florida resident AP price for an AP?

I love my DVC. Everything has not been that great around here but yesterday I booked a few night at BWV for net April and my 60th birthday! I even ignored that standard view studio (it was available) and booked a Boardwalk View!

I cannot tell you how much it comforts me to know that I have the ability to stay at resorts I love.


Short Answer: Yup.
You get so many points a year, and they can only be banked onto the next year once (meaning 2018 points can’t be banked onto 2020. They can only go and must be used in 2019).

The whole thing SOUNDS complicated, but in practice it’s really not. And the website does a really good job of letting you know how many points you have to work with at any given moment.
I had made a thread to hopefully have the forum talk me out of going on the trip because it seemed too good to be true. Needless to say, they failed. MISERABLY. (yay!) :smile:

in the end, it only cost me a flight down + food and other stuff I would usually spend on consumables. And even the flight down was paid for because I had a voucher and didn’t use rewards from my credit card.

What was really cool was, thanks to Hurricane Dorian, I had to adjust my times by adding on 2 extra days to the beginning of the trip (oh the humanity!). I was able to easily do so, and, again, it cost nothing extra. Just a few points to book those rooms.

This is a tad more complicated? If you bought direct from disney and have the blue card, yes you can get the Annual Pass Florida rate (read: Gold Pass). If not, then you don’t save anything on APs.

But even without an AP at all, you do get all the same AP discounts by using DVC. Like 10% off food, 20% off merch, etc…

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I figured buying into DVC would provide ongoing annual trips (even better because we go more often than that now). When we bought into DVC, I hadn’t factored the discounts which have been a great perk. The gold pass you can buy as a DVC member is a great value. Moonlight Magic is an amazing perk that didn’t exist when we bought in initially. And the point system isn’t as complicated as it seems. It’s incredibly flexible compared to most timeshares.


I love being able to stay Deluxe and in 1- or 2-bedroom villas. I would never pay the rack rate for those rooms. I know, I paid up front by buying the contract. But those rooms at AKL and WL/CC cost$750 to $1500/night. We stay often for a week, and have been DVC since 2007, so we’ve long ago come out ahead on the cost.

And while you need to book at 11 months to get certain highly sought room types, you can find something perfectly great at less than that. When my April trip was cancelled :frowning: I was able to book a 1-bedroom at WL/CC for mid-Sept.

Last August, I was able to use my WDW home resort points for a 2 night stay at the Grand Californian at Disneyland – total bliss. That room would have been more than $1000, but I just used points.

And the extras are great (if you have the blue card): discounts, special events. I did HS Moonlight Magic in 2018 – it was fantastic. I was supposed to go to the MK MM in April but :frowning: so I’m hoping to be able to go to HS again in Sept.

And like @Randall1028 I love the Welcome Home – AKL really does feel like home now. Our CC membership is new, but I have 3 stays planned there in the next year so it will too


Thanks - and your hurricane trip was the first live trip report I ever followed, so I remember it fondly!

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We just bought in December and our first trip isn’t until April 2021, but I’m really looking forward to this! It helps that purple is my favorite color!!

And I agree with this as well:

I wish the regular Disney site would get on board with this!!


What a lovely topic! Thank you, brinksan, for beginning this thread. My husband and I finally bought into DVC in Feb '20… yep right before the world went to hell LOL. We should have just returned from our first trip to Aulani (our DVC home), but obviously not. I’ve already booked the next two trips in GREAT hopes of being there adorned w/ masks <3. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ability to book and stay in deluxe rooms (in the future when the grim reaper leaves the earth ;). Having a club room to enjoy a respite. Since we are newbies it’s still all a dream but a dream we bought into and hope to partake in soon. For now I’ll live vicariously through your thread here.

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