Lets have some fun!

long story short I was listening to a podcast about someone on death row and they were discussing what everyone’s last meal would be, and I thought to myself this would be a fun one for the boards (minus the death row part)

Sooooo… If you could only have one of each at disney, what would you choose

  1. appetizer
  2. one meal
  3. one drink
  4. one dessert

what would it be?

  1. Bread Service at Sana’a
  2. Lobster Eggs Benedict at Cali Grill Brunch
  3. Anything at Nomad Lounge
  4. I have never actually been blown away by any one dessert at WDW. I think they could do better in the dessert category.

Appetizer: Jiko Wild Boar Appetizer
Entree: Tiffins Fish with Forbidden Rice (old menu)
Drink- Rik’s sport Bar- special Gin and Tonic
Dessert-Jiko no sugar added pistachio cake and white chocolate (no longer available)image

Jiko pictures…sigh

Appetizer: Bread service at Sanaa
Entree: Platter for two at La Hacienda
Drink: Mango Fire Margarita at La Hacienda
Dessert: Zeppoli at Via Napoli

Appetizer: mushroom soup at Tiffins
Meal: Sea Bass at Cali Grill
Drink: Negroni also at Cali Grill
Dessert: pistachio and saffron custard at Spice Road Table

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They do make a mean negroni! Yowza (in a good way)

Technically I had mine at the Outer Rim lounge just before dinner.

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First course: bone marrow from the Territory Lounge
Main course: Ora King salmon from the Flying Fish
Drink: Sangría de lujo tinto from Jaleo
Dessert: Hamilton County pecan pie from Homecoming

I didn’t consider tasting menus, which eliminated Jaleo and V&A.

all of these are making me so hungry!
I have only narrowed it down so far to one thing: Sticky Toffee cake from LTT. I need to start thinking!

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Just today, randomly, I wore my rain jacket/windbreaker that I evidently wore last in February. In the pocket was my receipt from Outer Rim — for that Negroni :blush:

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You’re lucky. A few years back I found a ticket stub in a coat from many years ago for a football game that I have very bad memories of. Ruined my day. And now I’m mad about it again. :rage:

I’m a simple man with simple tastes, so I’m going to go more low-brow than anyone else on this one:

  1. Nachos from Pecos Bill’s
  2. Fish & Chips at UK pavillion (haven’t actually had this but I love fish & chips so I know I’d enjoy it)
  3. Frozen Jack&Coke from cart at HS
  4. Dole Whip float

Not good enough? So what? Wanna fight me? :laughing:


Oh gosh, Faceless, I’m wicked sorry to have caused you to recall a bad time. Maybe if you’d had a face it would have turned out right??

  1. Very good. Very very good indeed.
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I blame you. You did it on purpose. You will forever be associated with my bad experience.

Wait. Did we go on a date a long time ago? I didn’t date much so I’m doubting it but…

No, you made me recall my bad memory, so now you are to blame.

Oh good. Phew.

I mean, I’m sorry.

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He has a face now and it is stunning.



I had no idea this was a thing.

You had me at nachos and fish and chips.

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