"Len is My Genie+" T-shirt

If you switch vendors could you see if the next one has more than one option for pooh-sized women? This one seems a bit straight cut on the sides. Since I’m much bigger up top, if the shirt has a womanly shape I look fine. V-necks are good too.

That is why I am testing it with an order.


I will reply to Zazzle and ask what gives. I was going to wait to make sure they actually send the aqua one first though - didn’t want to screw that up! I ordered exactly as designed, just transferred to a button instead of a T-shirt. The only difference between the 2 would have been the genie color… and certainly the grey shouldn’t have triggered anything. Will report back what I hear.
Thanks for all your work on this! Love the design.


There’s other t-shirt cuts you can put the design to. However, we won’t have much choice in t-shirt cuts. Especially when it comes to these “on demand design” places.

Either way, we won’t completely abandon Zazzle, no need to as it’s not like it hurts us, just more like adding other avenues.

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Not in the larger sizes. But, I’m used to it.