"Len is My Genie+" T-shirt

This was a request from over in Chat-landia. (see? We listen to you over there! :slight_smile: )

I need help with the colors. I’m not feeling it today.



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I don’t like that blue either and I think if you go for real Genie blue you’ll catch the eye of the screeners that will hold it up from passing.

But did you know thatGenie was originally supposed to be green??
Green genie could get past the zazzle gatekeepers more easily
And green means GO GO GO

Give it a go, see how it looks

Also? @Len has a LOT more hair than that these days :laughing:


I LOVE that you’re designing this shirt! My feedback would be to change the genie color to more of a blue like the genie in Aladdin and make the lamp gold. Another thought would be to make touring plans.com and logo larger and put across the back of the shirt? Will the shirt be available in white as well? Can’t wait to order 4 for my family!!! Oh and where’s the earring?? :joy:

Love the idea. First impulse was to ditch the black tee shirt for white and make the blue bluer. Thanks!

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I would get rid of the plus sign. I also like a white shirt instead of dark. Thanks for doing this. I love the idea.

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The dark shirt messes with the colors.

On a white or light gray background, these colors might be fine.

I’m liking a green genie but wondering about green and red on a shirt. :snowman:


I want one ! Don’t care what the colors are :grin:


Love the concept, thanks to Principal Tinker for posting the thread on lines. I agree with OB, I would like to see Len’s curls incorporated :joy:

This is excellent! Agree with adding the curls if it doesn’t muddy your design too much. I like the black. Otherwise I’d prefer the light grey someone mentioned over white. White all day in the parks tends to get pretty dirty.


This thread is like a graveyard after a zombie awakening! :joy: Welcome (back) to the forum, everyone! :joy:


Wow, whole lotta feedback on this one.

So let’s go through this point by point.

  1. As this was brought up by almost…everyone: The color of the t-shirt will, as always, be completely up to the buyer. I just threw it on a black t-shirt for the mockup. And there’ll be 2 versions once it’s all done, a version that’ll look better on light fabrics, and one that looks good on dark fabrics. You will choose which combo you like best. We gotchu. :slight_smile:

  2. To all those who made a comment on the hair… On behalf of Len, this is for youuuuuu :wink:
    ya bunch of stalkers.

Also, I don’t know what the current hair-state is, as I do not have any sort of updated photo. Annnd no, I’m not going to go looking for an update, so if you want it updated, one o’ you are going to have to provide.

  1. Genie being more blue/aladdin-genie-like/official color. I think it might be a better idea to stay away from this. Partly because Zazzle being hard-asses when it comes to likeness, but I also wanted to create real separation from the Disney Genie. After all, this is inferring this is the solution to the problem, and definitely not a copy of it. The initial thought was to go full Red, but obviously…Jafar (and the subsequent parodies of the Genie logo) ruined that, so Red and “official blue” could likely cause more problems than they’re worth.

The idea of going green is an idea, but I was a little worried about a Red / Green combo being a tad Christmas-y. But my mind is fried tonight (and that genie illustration took way too long to put together than I intended) so I gave up. I’ll give a few color combos a try now that I’m thinking a bit more clearly.

  1. Putting the logo on the back is an idea, but I thought it might be a tad weird if it’s just the genie-message and anyone who sees it, and not know who Len is, might not catch the back of the shirt and the answer to their confusion. We can definitely do if that’s the will of the collective, though.

  2. Getting rid of the Plus sign - wait, isn’t that supposed to be there? Did I screw that up? I mean, the plus sign can be nixed, no sweat, so I just wanna make sure I’m getting this right.

Ok, I think I covered it all. I’ll make some updates and post’em. In the meantime, if you have any more feedback, please share.


My suggestion to nix the plus sign was a “cover your ass” suggestion along the lines of avoiding the genie blue.


I agree with that point. Zazzle seems to have issues with a lot of our designs (I still can’t figure out if they don’t think @Randall1028 has the rights to his own designs or if they don’t think TouringPlans has the right to use the TP logo on some designs but the plus sign is just “poking the bear”).


Love the design! I don’t think the “plus” is necessary since those who get the joke get it without the “plus.”

I personally like the Genie color on the mock up but if you are looking for suggestions, what about orchid?

This makes sense. Whatever can be done to stay under their radar - even though it shouldn’t be necessary - is probably a good idea.

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I would keep the touring plans logo where it is on the front. Kinda drives the point home and makes sense there. The plus isn’t necessary but it won’t keep me from buying a shirt if it gets voted to leave it there :slight_smile:

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What if you removed the + and put a smaller “t” logo in its place or just offset to slightly below, and then carried it over to the back in full size?

I was thinking about people not knowing who Len is. I have had occasion to see someone wearing a shirt, at a running event, that said something like “We run for Henry”. And I didn’t know who Henry was, but it got me to do a search for a team that was running for Henry and I learned a whole lot about him. So being slightly vague could draw some people in to look up Len/touringplans in a similar way. Or maybe I’m just the one crazy person who does that - always possible.


Y’all are too funny. As a strong introvert, I have … feelings … about being the (figurative) face of this company. The shirt is funny, so let’s go with it. And thank you.


I just ordered a Tshirt from shop disny and it actually used Zazzle to make.my shirt . “Powered by zazzle” or something like that. I think it is all about not biting the hand that feeds them!