"Len is My Genie+" T-shirt

Can I also add a dry fit version would be awesome!

I don’t think Zazzle has that option as a product. :frowning:

Very excited for this shirt!

Oddly enough, the teal has grown on me.


Here’s another thought on the logo front vs back …I’ll just point out that when you’re at Disney, most of the time you’re looking at people’s back sides (like it or not). Whether you’re behind them in a queue, at the restaurant counter, at a pre-show, at the fireworks, or on a ride, you’re constantly looking at peoples backs. The shirts will be free advertising for touring plans and why not advertise NOT having to wait in line while you’re waiting in line! I don’t know, maybe you could do both???

And love the colors! The gold and purple (orchid) are really nice!

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how do I get one?

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What’s the cost difference going from 2 to 3 colors?

First response with the gold genie was: if genies aren’t gold, what color are they really?

Generally, blue. If you look it up from a cultural fable/mythological view, they are mostly blue.

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I like the gold - but how about with a touringplans red lamp?


This was discussed a lot with the achievement badge t-shirts. There’s good arguments for both, and it certainly is something I’m always thinking about, but the biggest take away is no one is going to lose out on either option so long as the message isn’t confusing and or long-winded.

Doing both is definitely an option, but zazzle’s setup is a bit of a PITA, so to make it easier (out the gate), we probably should make a decision on the front/back thing outta the gate. Tell Jeff to make a poll :wink:

once the thing is finalized (or at least more finalized), it’ll be on the TP store over at Zazzle. https://www.zazzle.com/store/touringplans

zilch. We can go crazy with the colors. The only time costs start going up is when we start doing front and back printing.


That’s pretty sharp looking

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Have simply scrolled and looked at the mock ups and would vote for the white/grey with red.

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I agree - with the grey background the grey/white genie is the one that caught my eye

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Me too. And that surprised me.

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I love the purple genie. Thanks for all your work on this Randall!


Great job!

Am I the only one that thinks the genie’s ears make him look a bit like Spock?

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I like the gray and red one. But he absolutely looks like Spock to me :rofl:

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I see what you mean and the solution just might be the earring. Just sayin’. Len you’re such a good sport!

I like the last one of the batch. The greenish (teal?) genie.

It’s late. I’ve consumed far too much chocolate. But I’m digging the teal.

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