Leave my classic "icon" alone, please!

It’s that time for another pointless, but fun post.

Disney is full of iconic/classic rides. Many of them have been “tampered with” through the years, often to the chagrin of Disney purists.

This got me to thinking about which Disney “icons” would you be MOST UPSET if Disney touched, and which Disney “icons” you think are in need of updating/replacing. And in the second category, what might be your vision for that replacement?

I don’t want to limit it to just one of each, but if you do more than one of each, keep them in priority order…just because. And don’t be afraid to pick something that you know might ruffle someone else’s feathers. :slight_smile:

Okay. I’ll start:


  • People Mover. I mean, it has been renamed a few times, but left pretty much intact at WDW (sadly, not at DL). But I love this iconic ride…a tour of Tomorrowland. Would never be the same without it!


  • Space Mountain. Okay. Originally, I would have said “no way” to this. I absolutely LOVE SM. But the fact is, the experience is dated, and there is so much more they could do with the same concept using more modern sensibilities and ride mechanics. A nice Mack launch coaster in the dark which provides more excitement, smoothness, and space theming, while still being accessible the whole family? I think Disney should do it. Of course, rumors are Disney is planning such a revamp of SM once Tron opens…we shall see.
  • Journey into Imagination. Um. Is there ANYONE who likes this ride? I mean, it isn’t BAD, just a complete waste of an omnimover. I’d love to see it redone or replaced, maybe with an Inside Out theme…although, with the new Worlds concept at Epcot, maybe there’s a better theme that could fit.

Okay. Your turn.


Redo journey into imagination. It is all about imagination yet seems to lack it completely.

I’m going to limit myself at 3 for each category or we’ll still be here next week… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Splash Mountain !!! It’s just perfect even if the entire concept is totally outdated.

The photopass photographers (love this feature).

The specific Disney magic (attention to detail, CM attitude, everything that makes Disney parks different vs other theme parks).


Journey, totally agree, boring in the extreme.

Tomorrowland Speedway, as boring as Journey.

Tiki Room, even more boring than the other 2 (this is where I get rocks thrown at me LOL).

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True. Kids still seem to like it, but I hope the rumors of them converting it to a more tron-esque, electric vehicle concept will help. It is odd, with the current design, to have in in Tomorrowland at all…it should be in Yesterland!

I didn’t want to go there…but, yes! Of course, what should go in its place? No idea. Not sure what they could do with that space instead themed to Adventureland.


  • Haunted Mansion. Well, kinda. I would actually like to see an addition of some new technology to get some new effects in portions, but any kind of IP overlay or massive changes would make me really sad.
  • Carousel of Progress. There’s an argument to maybe updating the final scene. I’d be willing to consider, except then it would likely need to be updated pretty regularly to keep it relevant. But I would not want to see any big changes to this classic.


  • I’ll second Journey into Imagination. There are so few rides at Epcot, I think it makes sense to improve this one so that its not an automatic skip for me every time. I like the idea of an Inside Out overlay, or some other IP. Tangled doesnt necessarily feel right here, but that movie deserves much more than a bathroom.
  • Philharmagic. (admittedly a stretch to call this an icon) I think this show is SO cute. But it needs an update because the outdated tech makes everything blurry and I know they could do better now.
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Some kind of Moana show perhaps? Most of the building and theming works as is, but a less mind-numbing performance would be good.


DON’T TOUCH: Pirates of the Caribbean. I do not care about the political correctness of pirates.

DO TOUCH: Journey into Imagination. It’s awful. I think we can agree on that without even getting into Figment’s unfortunate magic band.

WISH THEY HADN’T TOUCHED: The fluorescent colors in Peter Pan. They are awful and don’t look like the movie.

P.S. Get off my lawn.


I think Adventureland lacks…adventure !!! Really, the best feature to me is Pirate of the Seven Seas, which is certainly not normal. That room could be changed into some sort of exciting 3D show/simulator based on any of the movies really but considering the whole vibe of the area Indiana Jones would be nice or maybe Scrooge and the 3 nephews escaping from somewhere.

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Well you scared me there for a minute LOL. I love that show but if we touch it only to make it better I agree ! :smiley:

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YES !!! Great idea !!!

I agree that the Figment ride isn’t great, but…it’s the only remnant of Figment in the parks (that I know of). When I went there in 1986 (or so…) the main thing I remember about Epcot is that Figment was everywhere and my Mom loved him. I like that there’s a little bit of him still there.


I agree with Walt Disney’s original vision of a park that is constantly growing and changing. I don’t think stagnation wears well on the park - the original attractions mostly sucked. They needed more money and enhancement. Most changes have been improvements.

However - they should be very careful with the successful attractions that Walt himself worked on. Minor overlays / enhancements only.

Don’t touch: Sleeping Beauty Castle (Disneyland). The only true icon that simply can’t be touched. I’ve liked the repairs and paint jobs they’ve done, but no Hong Kong-style refurb please. There would literally be a riot (and I think there’s no chance they would try it, so it’s safe).

Similarly: Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Small World, Lincoln

Newer attractions that are perfect: Splash Mountain, ToT

Do touch: Journey into Imagination, Indiana Jones (Disneyland - needs to be updated), Dinosaur (so sad), Mexico boat ride (needs Coco theme)

Oh, and please no more birthday cake castles or gaudy adornments on Spaceship Earth.

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Leave alone:
Tom Sawyer Island - Classic play area is fantastic. Very well designed, not in need of a major update
Tea Party - Simple, classic, can’t go wrong
Splash Mountain - Not as ‘classic’ as the other two, but just make sure the figures keep working and the ride itself is a great experience

Love to see an update of:
Liberty Square Riverboat - Not what it once was
Jungle Cruise - probably happening anyway with the new movie. Keep the humorous aspects, but please make it an experience again instead of entirely a joke.
Tomorrowland Speedway - use the area to make a Marvel drive-through or Marvel themed dark ride please
EP Future World Central Hub - I would love to see the entire central hub buildings be in a near constant state of upgrade - one is closed for upgrades while the other two are open on a permanent basis to keep getting true technology updates. If they were showing the latest and greatest in technology and achievements on a regular basis, it would keep me coming back. I feel like I got more out watching the Imagineering story on Disney+ to learn about tech than I did the last visit to the entire Future World. Mouse Gear and the Chase Character Spot are not the best use of space.

It isn’t boring when my DH rides behind you. He has very bad road rage and the two teenage girls in the car in front of me who were too busy taking selfies to drive were driving him mad. He was yelling over my car at them. If that car could have swallowed me up, I would have allowed it.

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This is boring for adults because we pretty much drive every day, but my 7 year old son thought this was great. He wanted to ride it again and again. We went a few times because I was not about spoil his fun.

What? This is my nap ride so that I can get through my day. How am I supposed to get my rest time in the park if they update this ride? This is especially important now that I don’t have Universe of Energy.

Coco theme does sound fun though.



This reminds me of an incident many years ago, not at Disney. But we were at one of these “Alpine slide” places…basically a concrete track that went alongside a ski slope where you ride this little sled contraption on wheels during the summer months.

The way it worked, you rode up a ski lift, and then at the top, they let you go down one at a time. The sled had this hand brake to slow you down, but otherwise it was pure gravity pulling you down. Anyhow, they spaced riders out about a minute so that if one goes faster than the other, there would be enough of a gap.

Except, that’s not what happened to me. Because after the guy in front of me went down and was out of site (woods and all), they sent me down. And man, I planned to fly down this thing. No fear. Pure speed!

I was getting along pretty well, when I was approaching a turn behind a row of trees when, SLAM! I run into the back of the guy in front of me who was creeping along at a pace I could walk faster. And despite the fact that I was behind him, he refused to go faster. So, the remainder of the trip down, we crept along, the snails passing us by. Before we reached the bottom, the guy who was sent down behind ME had caught up.

Needless to say, I was mad.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: that doesn’t sound awkward at all !!! Would have loved to see the both of you stepping out of the things at the same time at the bottom !!!


This has happened to me more than once on an Alpine slide. Once there was a pile-up cause a girl couldn’t figure out how to work the brakes so was basically stopped on the tracks. I am surprised everyone got away with no injury. The kid working at the top had no way of knowing the issue and kept sending more and more people down to get caught in the crash, some coming it at very high speeds around a blind corner. A couple of us got out of our carts and were yelling at people to slow down.

Makes you realize how safe Disney is in comparison.