Leave my classic "icon" alone, please!

My two cents here, for what it’s worth…EPCOT was in such a rush to make “changes, any kind of changes, update, redo” etc, etc…that they ruined some of their best rides. I, for one, would love to see the return of the ORIGINAL Figment ride…I can remember standing in line back in 82 - 84, in the heat of the summer, and the lines would stretch past the stanchions, and out toward The Land…

And the original narration for Spaceship Earth, I always thought was the best…

'Course, here’s where I show my age I guess…World of Motion was better than Test Track, but it was more the first vision of EPCOT, not the “modern” version that seeks thrill rides :slight_smile: (Is that a “get off my lawn” moment??)

I do totally agree that Space Mountain needs an update - it would be so nice if it were more like RnRC… and Dinosaur, could that ride be reworked to make it smoother??

Change it all. All the time. I want to see constant updates and improvements and changes. I am so bored of WDW. I’m not kidding.

Lets get a Bolt attraction. Emperor’s New Groove. Wall•E. Aristocats. NEW NEW NEW.

I text on Pirates, load pics on IG on IASW and braid my DD’s hair in FOTLK.


  • Main Street and the vehicles on it
  • IASW
  • LwTL
  • Kilimanjaro Safari (is 21 years classic enough?)


  • Agree with Journey. Maybe keep Figment for nostalgia, but it definitely needs updating. I do hope they always keep the leaping fountains somewhere in the park!

  • I’d love to see Coco incorporated or somehow overhauled into the Mexico ride. I’d love to see more Coco anywhere, really.

  • Tomorrowland Speedway ONLY to update the cars to reduce noise and the gasoline smell. Annnd, okay, also I think it would be fun to have them wrapped with characters like the Skyliner/new buses. Can you imagine a Baby Yoda car??

  • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. The laser gun is hard to use and hurts my hand ¯_(ツ)_/¯. I’d like to see more of the TSMM tech used there. That’s out of the range of classic, but I’m putting it on my list.

  • This one might hurt, but I think more can be done with Swiss Family Treehouse and Tom Sawyer island to make them relevant to today’s crowds. Maybe make it into an enchanted forest or theme it to a “journey” movie like Tangled with Pascal/Maximus exploration trails and a Snuggly Duckling Tavern run by ruffians on it. We haven’t been to either in years, but I’d go to something more updated in a heartbeat!


Bring back The Great Movie Ride! Don’t want no Micky Mouse interactive video. Remember when the Alien came out of the ceiling and got face to face with you? Too many scared kids. Bad Alien! Stay up in the roof. Here’s one for you. Remember when the stairs in Haunted Mansion moved back and forth as you were going under them. Leave this ride alone and keep it moving. One more thing. Quit putting your dumping your relatives ashes in the Haunted mansion. It’s a mess to clean up. Oh yes and quit trying to do the nasty in Pirates of the Carribean. If your not will to share then you deserve to be kicked out. and last but not least. I liked the Redhead just as she was. Put her back. Pirates life for me!

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The final scene has already been altered. It used to go
1900’s, 1920’s, 1940’s, 1960s in its original form
Now the last scene is a weird amalgam of 90s through today. I assume the “weird amalgam” is the result if incremental changes over time. So it is due for a wholesale change

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Gotta disagree there. I don’t want another RnRC. In fact, that would ruin it. I prefer Space Mountain how it is to RnRC. I want something smooth, thrilling, high action…but accessible. More along the lines of Everest in space. :slight_smile:



Dumbo. Really, there is a Resistance back-up plan. Don’t do it, we’ve got Baby Yoda locked and loaded. Baby Yoda and Dumbo are cradle buddies


Updates to flagging attractions is ok, but only really problematic ones should be retired/changed. Dinosaur. Figment (sorry, I’d be very happy with a Figment re-boot), agree on electric cars for the Speedway, the DLR treatment for SM at SM WDW would be great, but I can live with it, Jungle Cruise needs a 21st century re-mix.


There’s a lot I don’t want to see touched… but I would say my beloved Figment needs some love. Always a childhood favorite, and given what Disney can do, I think it could be a really cool ride. I’ll still ride it every time, but lots of possibilities!

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if they could build a people mover for every land, I would be in heaven!
Don’t touch my space mountain!

I would love to see maybe a new Soarin video!


Disney world

Do not touch
People.mover. Love it…just fix the glitches and keep.it moving

Splash mountain. Just fix.it and let us hear the song and see everything move as it should

Carousel of Progress. Its good.

Major change
Journey. Miss the old dreamfinder.
Agree Mexico and coco
Space mt smoother track more sound and projections

Minor changes
Speedway more lung and environmentally friendly cars
Buzz better guns. Disneyland had hand held. Much better
Iasw add Disney characters to it like Disneyland has


Don’t Touch

Can I say Figment if I have never ridden it??

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I’ve said this in the past, but what I’d like to see are the three Soarin’ theaters to show three different scenes. One: Soarin’ Over California. Two: Soarin’ Around the World. Three: Soarin’ Across America. But PLEASE return to a realistic hang glider feel of Over California, rather than the fakeness of Around the World that has you doing dumb things like flying directly into the Eiffel tower, etc. :slight_smile: Anyhow, I think a Soarin’ Across America would be a cool way to show some of the hidden gems of America.

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I think that’s a great idea ! As a non-US citizen who travels to the US frequently, I am often amazed at all the natural beauties you guys have. :slight_smile:

You mean like Cedar Point, and Disneyland, and Six Flags? :wink:

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Hahaha…yes, exactly… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve only ever seen the epcot one, so I can’t compare, but I’d love the idea of the other two!