Leaky Cauldron wait

What will the wait be like on a weekday around 5? From what I’m reading, mobile order doesn’t really get you in faster.

What does butter beer taste like? I’m intrigued but it sounds disgustingly sweet.

Should be a very short wait. It may be mobile order only currently. The waiting in a line (if there is one) would be to get a table.

It’s like a butterscotch cream soda. The frozen is less sweet and the hot version is less yet.


Hmm. In the fence Sol out the butter beer. I’m not a huge butterscotch fan. Maybe 1 to try for the entire family.

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You may be better off trying the pumpkin juice or fizzy orange juice. Some people like them just as much as butterbeer and they cost less.

I’m one of this people who only likes pumpkin in pie. Orange fizz sounds good though.

If you don’t try those Butterbeers, I would try the soft serve butterbeer ice cream first. It’s the least sweet.

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Interesting. Thanks for all the tips.

No problem, and the ice cream is also available at many locations.

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But one for the family is a good plan. They aren’t that big.

Frozen Butterbeer is the best drink ever. You’d be mad not to try it.


Last time I was there they’d suspended mobile order for Leaky Cauldron, because the wait to get in and get seated was just always too long for it to work right.

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When was this and how long was your wait?

December 2021, and the expected wait was 45 minutes so we didn’t go. The line was out the door and about 15 yards down Knockturn Alley… we’ve waited in that before, and 45 minutes was fairly accurate.

We did Leaky Cauldron for lunch last week. Started setting up mobile order while standing outside the restaurant but were sent in to a table before we finished. You were required to do a mobile order though, no counter to order at.


I was wondering what are the recommended times for eating lunch and dinner at LC and TB? I was thinking 11:30 and 5:30?

If it matters, we’d be in the park on a weekday with lower crowds projected.

(I didn’t realize waits could get up to 90 minutes to get in!)

General advice on both restaurants is to try and avoid normal mealtimes if you want to reduce waits. I’ve heard people say try and do lunch early (11am) or late (2pm). Would assume same idea on dinner but would need to be careful on park and restaurant hours.

Not sure what constitutes normal dinner hours. We are hoping 5pm which I think is early.

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Yeah I got scared after reading reports. We’re doing a weeks at and hoping around 5. From what I read it’s lunch that’s crazy and could be packed until 2 or 3 but Diagon clears out in later afternoon so I’m hoping the early dinner is best.

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I don’t like butterscotch very much at all, but I love me some frozen Butterbeer! :yum:


I LOVE hot butterbeer.