Leading Reservations for dining?

You need a single reservation that goes through all days that you want to have reservations for plus up to 10 days previous. If you can’t get that, any little bit helps, but each reservation is treated separately for purposes of the +10. You really only need +6 to get the vast majority of your reservations, TBH, if that helps.

So DCousin does have a reservation that goes from 12/6-12/11 that does cover all the days I really want to make reservations for (9-11). We are not on his hotel reservation (tried but he has a package) but we are linked for everything and I even made his park pass reservations. So will dining open for me on his 60 days or no?


Oh I see what you mean! Unfortunately I don’t know since I’ve never been in that situation and I haven’t researched. I suspect not, but possibly. But he could make reservations for you for sure.

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Thanks! I will keep trying to add Friday night too. Originally this adults-only trip was going to be no reservations but that is since out the window!


Can you add a person to your reservation for the room? Just make it a dummy person than you can book the dining for him. They don’t care who comes to the dining as long as you show up.

Realized I’m late on this…My apologies. Didn’t realize i was bumping such an old thread.

I think that this is the main one. Maybe worth being pinned to the top. So, it is fine.

It’s ok! We could not add a dummy person to my cousin’s room because he has a package and then it would charge for dummy tickets.

My plans have changed a little so we aren’t going to do the Celebration at the Top which is what I really needed the 11th for anyway. I booked everything else this morning and the 9th and 10th were open but still no Space 220! But I got two different Oga’s times so I’ll take it as a win.


This morning was my 60-day and I got everything I wanted - Sci-Fi, Oga’s, Sanaa, Skipper Canteen - but not Topolinos. Not too bad since I was unable to get a leading reservation.

Fingers now crossed for the reservation finder!


Wonky real reservations due to DVC availability: 12.4 check in at BWV, 12.5 move to Grand Villa, 12.9 check in at Poly bungalow. We’re a party of 7 or 9, depending on the day, so I felt like the best shot was to do a leading reservation. Booked leading res for 11.30 - 12.10, and was able to get Oga’s post-close, SciFi, Le Cellier, and some others.

About to cancel my leading reservation (would love that deposit back since as stated above, it was $$$$). I know I shouldn’t be nervous, but here we are lol. Anyways, best of luck to everyone else doing this!


Leading reservation strategy totally worked for us! We got all the ones that we were worried about and had plenty of times to choose from. Now time for cancellation.

So our actual trip dates are 12/11-12/18. Meaning today is my 60 days. Can I cancel my leading res tomorrow, or do I wait until I’m 60 days out from the last day of our trip (which I guess would be 10/20)?


Can you share what reservations you got? I ask only because if you read this thread you’ll see that there has been wide variability in the success rate folks are experiencing.

Sure! About half of these were for a group of 8
-Chef Mickey’s (arrival night)
-Beaches and Cream
-Space 220
-Liberty Tree Tavern
-Topolino’s Terrace breakfast


Oh man.

My friends looking for some of those very ressies are gonna be PISSED!

Yay for you though!


How far was your lead??

The safest thing to do is to wait until you’re within 60 days of your last ADR.

Someone tested it by cancelling earlier and didn’t have any problems with ADRs getting cancelled, but if Disney changed that behind the scenes, we’d have no way of knowing until someone had it go badly for them.


When I did my leading reservation, I could get Topolino’s breakfast my last park day. And I definitely did not book it +10 out, as we had something else booked and changed our mind a day or 2 later. We got Ogas our first park day around 7pm and Sci Fi our second park day. I could have booked Space 220, but we weren’t interested due to the cost for a family of 5. I had booked the leading reservation last minute as I was getting frustrated seeing others book for the week I was going to be there. Trip is 11/27-12/4.

6 days before trip start. The hardest to get ones were towards the end of our trip so I was able to try for those on 60+10 which I think really helped.

I cancelled the day our final reservation of our split stay opened and had no problem.


If anyone has a “must get” reservation for New Year’s Eve, today is the 60 + 10 day and my reservation covers it. There was a lot availability. I am happy to do a pick up and drop for you.

Unfortunately special NYE events have not yet opened. So far no fireworks desert parties the week of Christmas or other special events announced.