Leading Reservations for dining?

Should the leading reservation be in my husband’s name? Or can I do it in mine?
At the moment, I am the only one listed on the hotel reservations. Just seemed simpler that way. Once it gets closer and our plans becomes more finalized, I’ll add the family.

I just realized that my 10 day Disney trip starts in about 192 days. And, the dining calendar is colored differently up to 180 days away. So that makes me think they might be changing the 60 day ADR window, so I should get the leading reservation in place sooner rather than later. Particularly since we’ll probably be doing a split stay and also I’d rather do the character dining in the beginning so that we won’t skip meeting a character while walking around, thinking that they’ll be at a meal, and then they aren’t.

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Can you elaborate on this?

And to answer your question, I am doing it the same way as you. For now my mom is not on any of our real reservations (split stay), and she is the only person on the leading reservation.
That way, if I need to call in about anything the CM won’t see the overlapping reservations and hassle me.

Well, I went to get a screenshot, and it has changed. It was on the availability calendar the dates were blue into January. But not now.

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I saw other reports about this happening today.

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Do leading reservations work at Disneyland too?

Probably, but they were never needed before Covid so no experience there. Right now DL cannot even release at 60 days out consistently, so not sure it would help at all.

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1st time I’ve ever even heard of this but I’ve been stressed about ADR for my trip so I jumped on it.

My trip is 10/23 - 10/30

Booked leading reservation for 10/13-10-30. That calendar made it a lot more understandable. So you can only book 1 day of ADR at a time (60+10) through the whole week.

I am traveling with a group of 8, is it still recommended that we book 4+4 or try to get all 8?

If you are booking each ADR at 60+10, you should be pretty successful getting ADRs for all 8 together where offered. Some places do not take ADRs for groups larger than 6, so in those cases you will need to book 2 ADRs, on separate MDE accounts that are both included as guests on the leading reservation.

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Do you know which restaurants don’t take larger than 6? Or a website that would list it? I was unsuccessful googling that.

For my recent trip I was not able to book 8 for Rose & Crown and Yak & Yeti. When we arrived though, they put us all at one table.

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I did a quick and dirty check for those restaurants that were taking reservations back in March. The results are here:

You should be able to check all of them on the day you make your first ADR(s).

This was our experience as well. We were always able to be seated together, although there was occasionally a short delay.

For our largest group seating (10 at Narcoossee’s), we arrived about 15 min early to give them advance notice we wanted to be seated together. I think our ADRs were 7pm and 7:20pm and they seated us around 7:35pm. (I originally had split ADRs for 4 and 5 at the same time using a leading reservation, but then a few days later needed to add a person.:roll_eyes:)



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Slight tangent here, if it’s ok.
Has anyone booked a VIP tour with an onsite reservation and then cancelled the onsite hotel stay?
I have an onsite leading reservation for ADRs but will be staying off site so I’ll eventually cancel the onsite reservation. We are considering a VIP tour and I was told booking is 60 days for the check in date for onsite reservation or 60 days from the tour date if staying offsite.

So, I have my leading hotel reservation. Even knowing I was going to cancel it, I still about died when it told me the ground total was 7k+.
Shockingly even though my reservation started mid-Jan, I only had 4 options to choose from. The one I’d planned on getting, Coronado didn’t have any availability. I’d picked that one to be polite and not horde a room that someone else would want. But since it was booked, that was the wrong hotel. I ended up with Caribbean Beach Resort. But, I guess that makes sense because it is a skyliner resort that won’t have the skyliner, and as a moderate it won’t have evening hours.

It occurred to me that Disney might add in a penalty for cancellations less than say 60 days in advance. I can see them doing that, particularly if restaurant capacity doesn’t go back to normal and restaurant reservations stay hard to get, and more people do the leading thing. So, I thought I’d book my leading reservation early to make sure I get the no penalty cancellation.

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I just booked my leading reservation for November, and from what I can tell I think I got the last available room on property lol.

My grand total was also >$7000. My wife looked over at me and thought I read something about someone dying.

My reservation window starts in 7 days! :grin:


So I may be late to the game but I can’t find any open reservations. Our trip starts December 5 which would mean my leading reservation would need to start on Thursday, November 25 - you guessed it: Thanksgiving!

What’s the trick to find an open room?!?

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Have you tried a camp site? Remember it doesn’t have to cover your entire party - just one person needs to be on the reservation, so you could get a room for only 2 people if you can find one. If you can get one starting a day or two later, that shouldn’t put you too far behind.


I’m seeing a lot of people having problems finding an open reservation, even with the +10.

The solution I’m seeing offered is mousewatchers.com, which I am using and have 5 reservations currently on standby. My +10 is “supposed” to open up on the 22nd of this month.


Welp. Silly me. Jumping in without a full grasp on the concept. My original reservation is for 11/22-11/27, and I booked my leading reservation for 11/13-11/22. So I was able to book for the first day of my trip but now I’ll have to wait 8 more days for my real window to open.

Pain is often my only effective learning tool. At least I got my Boathouse for our arrival date 🥲


You can go in and modify your reservation as long as there is availability. Maybe do it a chunk at a time - overlap 3 days, then move it again? It will still give you a nice lead.