Leading reservations and ADR priorities

Howdy, Liners! Thanks for all the help with my FUNemployment trip (details to follow). Now on to planning the Crazy Ass Christmas Extravaganza.

I need help making sure I I have my ADR date correct (never done a leading reservation before) and making sure I have my priorities straight for ADR Day.

Plan: Trip for family of four 12/19-12/24. Staying either at CBR or Pop. Have reservation at Movies for 12/9-12/24 for ADR purposes only.
First question - that makes my ADR day 10/10?

Plan for the week:
12/19- Epcot for dinner (Teppan Edo?) and Candlelight Processional
12/20 - MK and dessert party (BOG lunch or Liberty Tree?)
12/21 - RD AK then rest until DVM-AF (Tusker for lunch? Steakhouse 71 for 6pm dinner?)
12/22 - Sleep in then Epcot. (?late Toppolinos breakfast. Back up Cape May. Space 220 dinner). Watch Harmonious from somewhere unless they open dining packages with better views then my plan goes to hell.
12/23 - HS (Sci Fi lunch. Savi’s in evening then after park close Ogas)
12/24 - maybe breakfast somewhere depending on timing of Tragical Express

My plan of attack on ADR day:
1-Space on 12/22
2-Toppolino’s on 12/22
3-Oga’s for late 12/23
4-BOG lunch 12/20
5-Steakhouse 71 6pm 12/21
6-Sci Fi lunch for 12/23
7-Tusker House lunch 12/21
8-Teppan Edo dinner 19th

When can I reserve Savi’s? 60 days? 60+10?
Anyone hear news on Candlelight processional packages?
When can I reserve Harmonious packages at Epcot (if I decided to do that) 60 or 60+10?

Thank you for your awesomeness. Liners make me look like a Disney magician when I travel with my family.

What the heck is VMC-AF?

I think your order of attack looks pretty good but I do think I would bump Steakhouse 71 up to at least before BOG, perhaps even before Oga’s

I definitely think ScinFi need bumping up. To near the top?

Crap. combined the old Very merry with merry Christmas and a funny typo (AF instead of AH) from chat. Fixing it now. But I’m still using AF.

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So, Steakhouse, SciFi, Oga’s, BOG you think?

Either that or steakhouse Oga’s sci fi

Maybe I’m wrong but with the leading won’t it just open one day at a time? Since you can only do 60+10?


That is correct. Actually. Missed that detail

OP would want to shorten that up to be 12/14-12/24

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Shouldn’t she keep it as is, and then do one day at a time?
Then no worries about what order to do them.
Plus, I would think at a busy time like Christmas you’d particularly want 60+10.

Remember, When you are booking for 60+10 out, you are only competing with those those also have a reservation +10 days ahead of your real reservation day. So, you don’t need to be quite so worried.
If you shortened your leading reservation then other people would have had first crack at your early trip ADR’s.


I did my ADRs a little over a week ago. No Candlelight Processional packages yet. I just booked our back up plan ADR so we had something booked.


Ah. Excellent point. As I said, I’ve never done this before!

Me either just following along!

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I think I will just keep it and do one day at a time. I’m not thrilled about getting up early all those days but it might be easier than panicking about all the days at once. Thanks!


Why did you delete that sheet? Is it a publicly available sheet, like JJT’s old AP calculator thingie? That would be a helpful file for us to be able to use — I for one can never quite figure out the dates.


Is that a Google sheet? I know you posted a screen shot, but can you save it as a sheet to share?

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Based on @OBNurseNH and @PrincipalTinker responses I’m guessing that’s the cool Google sheet I used to figure out my ADR day (and still I screwed it up and didn’t realize I started too early to do my whole trip). I think it’s posted here on the forum somewhere. Don’t think I saved it.


Oh, I thought it was redundant to what was already said once I caught up on the thread. :laughing:

Yes, it’s something we created over in the massive leading reservation thread.


And if anyone notices anything that needs to be changed or is no longer accurate, just let me know. I don’t actively keep up with the latest ADR news. I just compiled what info was available at the time from others.

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This is helpful. I was able to calculate my start and end dates using the general WDW calculators out there just by putting in my first desired ADR day as my check-in day. Then my real check-out day and the leading check-out day. The cancel date mystified me a bit. But, it doesn’t help that I’m not entirely certain when our last ADR will be. I’ve front-loaded them quite a bit because there is a decent number of character meals.

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My 60 day window was Sunday and I had a horrible time with availability - I logged on at 5am CT (opening time) and was surprised at the lack of availability. Nothing was open at Epcot for dinner on the 2nd of Dec. in World Showcase except Mexico and China (yuck) so I booked Tratoria al Forno at Boardwalk. I could have booked a 4pm or 8:30 dinner but did not want those. Good luck! I would be online and ready to book right at 6am ET. Your 10 day window will help - I only had a 7 day.