Late arrival touring plan for epcot (not park hopping)

Hello everyone! Been 5 years since our last trip and looking for some advice. We arrive in Orlando on Saturday 3/18 and plan to hit Epcot after lunch (say 2pm). What would you recommend for stacking LL’s for the following?

-Guardians (will attempt to purchase ILL at 7am)
-Test Track
-Meet Anna and Elsa

Still trying to understand how LL works so any help is much appreciated!


Hi! Welcome back!

A few notes - Guardians is through a virtual queue (not G+) and ILL only. You can attempt for the virtual queue at 7am or at 1pm (once you’ve tapped into EPCOT)

Meet Anna and Elsa does not have a G+ option so that is standby only.

EPCOT is a hard park to stack, so I will let others weigh in.

Remy usually loses availability first, so I would put that as the first G+ option. From there, I would recommend TT Single Rider if everyone is over 7 years old. There are daily drops for EPCOT rides, and you can find those here.


Do read the first post to this thread because it has lots of helpful information summarized:

In that first post, Jeff lists all the rides on Genie+ and he lists the recommended order of priority for Genie+. For Epcot, they are:

Remy > TT > FEA > Soarin > TTwC > (MS, Seas, SE, LwtL, Imag, Pixar)

As you can see, Remy is number one!

Cosmic Rewind is still on Virtual Queue. You can reserve at 7 am or 1 pm. And remember that you can show up anytime after your Boarding Group is called. You can get a Virtual Queue and buy an ILL so you can ride it twice that way!

Use BG1! Install it on your phone. Drop reminders will show up.
Again, read the first post and NOT all 3,351! It is super easy to use. I used it early last month for the first time. I posted screen shots for the Virtual Queue here:

I find it helpful to read a few trip reports to see how it is on the ground recently. If you care, I wrote about our Epcot day with Genie+ starting here:

Have a great trip!