Late Afternoon Fastpasses

I have never used FastPass before so I’m looking for advice. I realize that making sure all of your preliminary fastpasses are early afternoon is ideal so you can snag more later on the day, but I have gotten the Na’vi River Journey at 3:50 and Seven Dwarves Mine Train at 3:3 on different days. These are the only times available for these attractions since the fastpasss are so limited. Are they worth keeping or should I cancel for earlier ones and try to get as many as possible while in the park?

The best time is morning in my opinion, but to answer your question - I’d keep those, they will have long waits without FP. Keep trying to modify them to an earlier time - like several times a day up to and including the day you’re using them. It may not work for NRJ but something will likely come up for 7DMT. At MK there will still be lots of FPs left at 3.30 - I never got a 4th there until the evening, and still ended up using 9 one day. This was in summer - CL8.


If I am understanding this right you want to use all your daily fastpasses early so you can get a fourth fastpass. There is one problem with this. Most likely you will not get that extra fastpass to anything of value as they will be gone early in the day.

Not always true! We got FOP as a 4th just last month on a crowd level 8 day at AK. Same with Test Track.


I would keep those even though the timing isn’t ideal.


Thanks so much everyone! Just wanted to make sure I was doing the most efficient thing! I was figuring if I wanted a 4th FastPass, those are the ones I would want anyway so I’ll hang onto them, and y’all confirmed that! It’s expected to be super low crowds anyway (gosh, I think MK is a 2 one day!) so we should have plenty to fill in with! I sure appreciate the help!

Not necessarily true! Refresh, refresh, refresh! We rode all day and evening on FPP (I think our total was 10?) one day last trip and got some good ones at the end of the day

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Like others have already suggested, keep the existing ones and refresh to see if you can get better times. People’s plans change all the time, and there is a good chance you may score times that suit you better. As for 4th Fastpasses, we’ve pretty much always managed to get what we want for a party of 3. We’ve never tried for FoP but have done things like Mine Train, Frozen, Soarin’ and Test Track multiple times. In fact, I never book Fastpasses for Soarin’ and Test Track in advance - I just grab them as 4th as soon as I can!

Good luck and happy refreshing! :grin:

I agree with all the folks on the refresh train … we got FoP as 4th earlier this month, and it wasn’t early in the day when I tried.

Just curious about your post, is it the offseason when you are able to get additional fast passes after your 3rd for thrill rides such as Soarin, 7 Dwarves Mine, Test Track, Toy Story? Most of those ride’s FPs are long gone even a few days, sometimes weeks, before during the summer/holiday times. Just want to make sure I’m not missing something. Personally, we park hop, arrive at rope drop and ride the most popular stuff with short lines at the AM park and then use our FPs for the evening parks.

You’d be surprised what you can get as a 4th etc even in summer - we couldn’t get FEA or 7DMT, but I know others have. Plenty of choice for everything else (though FOP wasn’t open). Modify, modify, modify.

It’s my understanding that you can continue to get as many fastpasses as you’d like, one at a time, after you have used up your first 3 or they have expired.

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People change their plans all the time, and Fastpasses which were all booked up weeks earlier become available. Most of our trips are in April/May/September/October/November. Last trip (late October/November) we had a few really busy days (between 7 and 9 out of 10 - Epcot on Friday 10th was pretty busy…!) and still managed to get 4th etc Fastpasses for what we wanted on the day.

OK that makes sense - those are times when the parks are basically empty compared to June, July & Aug. Thanks for your reply!

Like I said, crowd levels varied between 7 and 9 on our second week, so not empty parks at all. I’ve been during the summer so can definitely compare (the only two months I’ve not been are January and February). It’s all about refreshing Fastpass availability when you’re in the park. I do it when we’re in line for rides and pretty much always get what we want.

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So when Disney posts that all fast passes for Toy Story, Soarin’ & Test Track are gone at 12:00, they are lyingt?

No. They are not lying. But people change their plans, cancel Fastpasses, change them for a time that suits them better or change them for a different attraction - maybe they choose to go to a different park. The cancelled Fastpasses are available for anyone to pick up as and when they become available…

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And Disney doesn’t always release ALL the FPP availability for advance booking. They often will hold back a portion of FPP availability and release it on the day of . . . for people on 1 day tickets, or maybe the crowds have shifted slightly from their modeling, etc. Lots of reasons.

OK, that is very useful info and we will be sure to try for those 4th FPs on major rides when we are down there. Thank you!

when you guys suggest refresh, what do you mean, I cannot go to My Disney experience and look at available FP without modifying my existing FPs. I dont want to risk losing the ones I have