Last trip on the pass?

I’m currently waiting at my gate for my flight to Orlando on what may be my last trip on this pass. I’m going with my 14 year old niece and we are staying at royal pacific resort for two nights. I’m hoping to be able to grab some tours on this trip but we’ll see how it goes.


Safe travels! Have fun!

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Day 1

I woke up an hour before my alarms at 3:00. Stayed mostly in bed until 4:00. My flight was scheduled for 7:05. Left the house at 5:05 and got the airport parking at 5:30. Very short lines checking in my bag. No line at security. Got to the gate played with my phone while waiting for the flight. I was B60 and debated whether to gate check my bag. I didn’t. Our flight pulled back from the gate at 7:05. We got deiced and then headed to the runway. I was still waiting for takeoff at 7:30. Then we were cleared for departure.

At 7:34 we started moving towards the runway.

Takeoff plans got canceled. Back in line at 7:36. Wi-Fi is not working on the plane so I can’t tell the family what’s happening.

Once we were in the air the Wi-Fi came back on I was able to tell my sister to tell her daughter what was happening with my flight.

We took off at 7:45 or so and landed at 9:42.


Got you made it!

Feet Don’t Fail Ya Now! :saxophone::trumpet::tada::tada::crocodile::crocodile::prayer_beads::prayer_beads:

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I have noticed on Delta, at least, while they make it sound like you should be able to access WiFi for the entire flight even before taking off, I have found that the WiFi never starts working until a few minutes after take off.

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I hope you’re having a great Monday! How’s the trip going??

Interesting. We got pixie dusted for hagrids. Skipped a posted 120 minute wait.


Well Done Harry Potter GIF - Well Done Harry Potter Back To Hogwarts GIFs



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My niece landed at 9:22. I called her around 9:45 and directed her to ask for directions on how to get to Terminals A and B. She was taking JetBlue, and they land in the new terminal. I told her to head to Baggage Claim for Southwest, and I would meet her there.

I met up with her at the baggage claim. We spotted she suitcase pretty soon, and headed outside to look for an Uber. I had debated whether to rent a car or just try for Ubers. I have had issues with not being able to find a car, or having a car not move for 5-10 minutes after selecting it. I’m able to get a code through work which makes rental cars cheaper so that would have been about $130, plus parking. I’ve splurged on valet parking so I don’t have to spend that time finding a space. Saturday night I had decided to take my chances on Uber and go for it.

We got an Uber around 10:25 and took it to Royal Pacific. We had no traffic. It did rain lightly on way, but nothing too bad.

We brought our stuff to bell services after figuring out what we wanted to take with us to the parks for the rest of the day. I went to the vacation planning desk to see if they could swap out a mobile ticket for a paper one, but they said only guest services could do it, because if they accidentally voided the ticket hotel guest services wouldn’t be able to do anything.

We checked in. I had done mobile check in on friday, but I didn’t see a sign for already checked in. My room key was for Hagrid’s and my niece got the Cat in the Hat. Check in was pretty smooth. They did have a room available for us right away, but we decided to go to the parks first.

It was raining when we went to the water taxi, but nothing too bad.


I didn’t take this picture until 6:21 that evening, but I wanted to share the view we had.

Seventh floor of Building 2. Pretty much the farthest room from the elevators.


You just got a TM that either didn’t know how or didn’t want to do it. They do have to do a bit of work on there side to make it happen. I had a TM at the Aventura desk try that once. I had him go get someone else to help… They try to scare you that it will “void” something if you do it or lose the paper ticket.

(Just take a photo of the your new paper ticket as soon as it’s issued & it can always be replaced! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

They are fun to collect! You should keep them!!

I’ve had a few hit or mist experience with mobile check-inbeing offered the last two trips… :man_shrugging:

There are pros & cons… You’ll have a long hike, but IME it’ll be quieter!

From the boat we went to USF. My niece brought a lanyard, but not a holder for the badge, and I forgot to bring mine from home. First thing we did was go and get her a lanyard. Previously the photo pass lanyard was 3$ plus tax, but it went up this time to about 7:50. Still just a bit worth it.

We did Minion Mayhem as our first ride.

After that we did Transformers. The ride broke down. We stopped moving for a bit. When the ride started moving again, the sound wasn’t working. We got 2 single use express passes. I kept them in case I go back one more time and don’t stay at an EP hotel.

Next we did ET. After ET, we ate lunch under the stadium for Animal Actors. We saw that show after we finished lunch.

We did MIB next. Then we did Mummy. After mummy we went to the Horror Makeup Show. It’s my favorite show. The two actors we saw were ones I had seen before. They did a lot of jokes about the Detroit Lions.

After the makeup show, we did the Bourne Stuntacular. Then we did Villain Con. It was a walk on with EP. I love the queue for it, and wish I loved the ride a bit more.

After Villian Con, we went to the Hogwarts Express. With Express Pass, the wait was about 30 minutes.

I went to check the seat for Hagrid’s. I had lost a little weight since my December trip, but wasn’t sure it was enough. I did get it green. Walked around for a bit, then tried it again to see if I could replicate it. I couldn’t. Went to try to Velocicoaster seat, but that wasn’t good either.

We decided to go back to the hotel. It was about an 18 minute walk from the Hogwarts Express back to the Hotel.

The staff at the hotel were excellent. They brought our bags up to our room (seventh floor on tower two) and got us extra towels and hot cups, and got us a bucket of ice as well.


Once upon a time it was included with the lanyard!! Then it was only $1, then $3, now almost $8… :roll_eyes: :money_mouth_face:

My UOR lanyard is part of my theme park uniform. Stuff like this, though, is pushing me to use the app more!! If they get facial recognition at the lockers, as they have in Japan, I’ll gladly ditch my lanyard! I gotta put the phone in the locker, so using the app for my locker ticket is not an option and I’m not getting a paper locker ticket from TMs each time either!! :rofl:

Smart! :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ll get there next time!! :muscle: :muscle:

Thanks for sharing!!! I gotta get my UOR addiction filled daily somehow!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I get that! :blush:

What! Nice

Well, only for the big three

I used the same paper locker ticket for days, the one trip

I actually used my room key for the lockers last trip! That was handy.


Oh. I heard they changed the mobile check in to a completely different system. So, during the transition, it wasn’t always available.


That’s reasonable! I haven’t been sent an e-mail for advance mobile check in the last couple trips. However, I “stumbled” into the Lowe’s mobile check-in system by accident in the Uber from MCO to UOR on my last visit. I used my reservation / confirmation number at the site, that arrival day, to modify a reservation and it directed me to a mobile check-in/ check-out page I hadn’t seen before! I had multiple hotels booked and my arrival day was the cut-off time to cancel hotels reserved for later in the week.

You caught me! I keep it with me doing TRs most of the time in queue!!


Oh! That’s handy! I do remember you mentioning that in your TR!

But that means, I’m still using a lanyard to carry around a key or locker ticket!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m trying to find the video I saw last week! I did a quick Google search, but it’s so generic that I’m filtering results atm…


Nice! I actually was searching but couldn’t find anything.

Do you wear women’s pants with no pockets? :speak_no_evil:

Seriously though. Use an old room key, then it doesn’t matter if you lose it!


Just get a barcode tattoo and live lanyard-free forever!