Last trip on the pass?

I think you’re on to something :laughing:

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In the parks, I wear track pants with pocket that open on the sides. Some have zippers, some don’t!! I’ve twisted my phone up in a knot inside my pocket before getting on Hagrid’s to “secure” it before boarding when I realized I didn’t have zippers that day! :rofl:

If I thought it would actually work, I’d consider it.

Like Jaime from Touring Plans did getting a MagicBand chip in his hand!!


I have questions…


Day 2: Monday Morning

Sorry for the Megillah

Around 7:45 or so we left for the theme parks. We took the water taxi again. The water taxis were great for the entire trip. We didn’t have to wait for them at all.

We got to IOA around 8:15. There were still tons of people in line to get in. We did some wand magic then went to Hippogryph. The line was about a half hour wait. We got through it just as EPA was ending. We did some window shopping in Filches then headed to Jurassic Park. The River Adventure was closed. One of the things I wanted to do this trip was Camp Jurassic, and we did that morning. We wandered around all the netting course. We didn’t do any slides, nor did we climb any of the interior structures. It was bit wet, and a bit nerve racking with my ankle, but it was a lot of fun. We even got into a water fight with people on the lower level. I got wet, and realized the EPs i had were in danger of getting wet, so I moved them from my Photo Pass Lanyard to my wallet.

Once we were done I saw the River Adventure was open so we went to that. However, just as were walking to the entrance it closed again. I thought about doing Rip Saw Falls, but I wasn’t confident in getting out of the boat. Stupid Ankle.

We did Spider Man next. The regular entrance wasn’t open, and they directed us to the extended queue. I don’t think I’ve seen it before, so that was interesting. We went to Seuss Landing to buy some souvenirs.

I wanted to try the seat on Hagrids again to see if maybe I could ride. With the Team Members help I was able to get it green and stay that way. I said I would ride it tomorrow because the posted wait was 100 minutes. The TM asked if we would ride it with no wait. I said sure. I thought she’d give us an express pass and we’d wait only 20 minutes or so. Instead she walked us to the final room, and told us to go down the line that the VIP tours go on. It was fantastic.

We did the Express back to london. It was lunch time, so we headed to the New York area and ate lunch waiting for my favorite street show, the ¡Vamos! – Báilalo show. I even joined them for Don’t Go Yet. It mortified my niece, but not too badly.

We went to Diagon Alley to ride Gringotts. As usual, I got the Photo Op at Shutterbuttons. You know you’ve gone way too many times when Team Members remember you. So I admitted to the TMs that this was the 7th time I was at UOR on my current pass.

We did MIB next and then ET. The Photo Pass TM was in the Toy Closet and the line wasn’t too bad, so I finally got ET pictures. It was just me, as my niece didn’t really want to be in the pictures.

We did the Horror Make Up show again. Sunday’s Mark James was Monday’s Alex Ross and vice versa, so that was interesting.

We went to the Studio Store near the entrance and did some more shopping. We picked up a plush Shrek, and I got my niece the T-Rex pen she played with every time we saw it.

We went to the big store in City Walk to pick up our items. We went to the pick up counter, but no one was there for about 10 minutes so that was annoying. However, we got our stuff and were headed back to the hotel by 4:45. We got to our hotel by 5:00 PM.

This trip was probably the most laid back of any trip I’ve done recently. I got less than 20k steps each day.


I love all the detail! I’m living vicariously through you!!

That boat is by far the WORST ride vehicle in theme park history. I’m smaller and even I have to squish myself in. I always feel bad for the 6’ 2" person that can’t get their knees straightened out.

The boat was supposed to be have two seat rows / side-by-side seats, but got changed at the end of planning / construction. This was the “fix”…

I’ve only seen pictures of the J.J.J. statue! Do you still go through the Daily Bugle at all?

I got to the the Express queue - Thanks to you!! It’s the photography “dark room” of the newspaper. I truly enjoyed seeing that portion of the queue that I’d never used before!! Thanks!!!

I’m so THRILLED for you!!! What an amazing way to get to ride it! (There’s really nothing to “see” in the queue. They rarely play the preshow video, so I’d skip all of it every time if I could!!)

Things like this happen a lot at UOR! We’ve got to find a term that isn’t “pixie dusted” that’s more UOR specific!

Giving a TM a compliment is a “Fist Bump” if you go online and post it. However, saying I got “fisted” by a TM may not be a good idea!!

:rofl: :rofl: I wish there was a video!!

These are the best TMs! It feels so good, to me, to see a TM’s light up when they recognize me as a returning guest! When I hear “LLLLAAAAAARRRRRRYYYYY!!!” When I stroll up the Doom queue it makes me feel like a rock star!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :rofl:

Post those pics!! You’ve got the pass! Let’s see all the fun!! (If you want to! No pressure! I’m just excited for your story!)

That’s a good trip!! It’s supposed to be a “vacation”! It sound like you had a great one!!

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Nope. As a rule I don’t post photos of myself online. Sorry.


I totally forgot! You mentioned that before!! I just like seeing people have fun!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

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Hmm. Hope he never needs an MRI.

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Day 3:

We had mostly packed up and prepped food the night before, so we didn’t have much to do in the morning. We handed in our bags to bell services and headed to the water taxi. We got to the line for EPA at 7:45, and we were let into the park at 8:15. We headed to Hogsmeade. The posted wait when we got into the extended queue was 75 minutes. We didn’t have any other must does for EPA, so we decided to go for it. The queue was long enough that we briefly ducked into the theatre for the Sinbad show. It took about 15 minutes for us to get to the locker.

The ride had some delays. We waited about half an hour in the external queue before we started moving. In the end our total wait time was an hour and 40 minutes. We got out of the queue as the regular park opened.

We headed to JRPA but it was closed so we went to Seuss Landing. We did High in the Sky. My niece did NOT want to do One Fish Two Fish, so I did it myself. It was cold enough that it wasn’t spraying water.

I think I checked if JRPA was open, but it was still delayed so we took the Express to USF. We were going to see Bourne at 11:15, but we were just a bit too late for it, so we did Mummy. I used up my last free photo for that ride picture.

After that we went to Bourne. We saw that there were people outside, and were worried it was an extended queue, so we went in. We got the preshow room and it was empty. I realized the line was just that they weren’t letting people in for the next show yet.

After Bourne, we did MIB twice. First time was a 3 minute wait with EP, the second time 6.5 minutes. Both times, single rider was pretty much a walk on. We did Gringotts next. We had a 15 minute wait with EP with a posted 55 minute wait. Did Mummy again with a 6.5 minute wait with EP on a 25 minute posted wait.

We went to the Horror Make Up show again. We got in as they were letting the EP people it, but Beetlejuice was in the queue, and I couldn’t pass up taking a picture with him. After he (playfully) shoved me to the theatre exit, we got front row seats. It was a great show. Lots of jokes about going bald. The Alex Ross was a woman I hadn’t seen this trip. I don’t remember if I had seen her on previous trips. The Mark James this day was the Alex Ross on day 1. There were people who were a bit too enthusiastic with audience participation, we did get “you aren’t in the script” commends.

After that we did Minion Mayhem. I did Villain Con alone. We got some ice cream from the studio store and then headed back to the hotel.

We got our stuff from Bell Services and called an Uber. They applied a 20% discount to our fare, so all in with tip it was $33 to get back to the airport. The driver who picked us up was dropping off passengers at the hotel.

We got to Terminal C. I checked my niece in and walked her to the security line. I waited a few minutes but she was fine, so I followed the signs to Terminal A/B to check in for my flight.

I got to my gate with plenty of time to spare. There were ~47 people on a plan that could hold 175, so they told people to spread out. However, too many people were sitting towards the front of the plane, so once everyone boarded, they asked a few people to move to back.

I don’t remember anything about the flight, so it couldn’t have been too bad. I had no trouble picked up my luggage and car, and then I went home.


So, now the final question.

I titled this trip report “Last trip on the pass” as my pass is set to expire on March 5th. I have no plans to renew it right now. I’ve been to universal so many times, that it doesn’t feel too exciting right now. I did buy a power pass last summer that I intend to activate in December of 2026. I figure if EU is open for a while, I hope it won’t be too busy. I can take some time and really explore and then go back to the other parks.

I did have plans to maybe go back March 3-5, however a work conference I absolutely love is happening then, and it does beat out UOR. (Sorry not sorry) .

So being me, I immediately booked flights for the last week of Februrary. I have an outbound for Sunday and returns for Monday and Tuesday. The flights were expensive, around $450 worth of points, but I have so many points, it does it really count?

I had wanted to stay at Sapphire Falls or Aventura, or both. Right now, I can get a single night for Sunday at under $200, but Monday night has no APH rates i’m willing to pay for.

Also, given that I’ve just been there, I was thinking of doing the water park for a few hours and trying to find time to see the street shows. Also Hagrids and VC if it turns out to be in the cards. And Mummy and wand magic. I will only have the two single use EPs I got from the last time.

So do I go one more time?


Do I go?

  • Yes, of course
  • No, you’ve way too many times already
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Hotel Choice (IF I do go)

  • Sapphire Falls Resort
  • Aventura Hotel
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I’m always in the “if you have the time, go” camp! And the funds are important to have too, so if you won’t be stressed about the funds, then :100:!!!


I’ve been trying to find any one that has ridden since reopening! I need to know if my beloved Hadrosaur is popping up again!! :rofl: :innocent:

This annoys me on every attraction at every theme park. I know all the words to the Haunted Mansion in it’s entirety, I know 90% of the joke on Jungle Cruise and all the script at Horror Make-Up Show and more. I sit / stand there quietly enjoying what I love and allowing new people to love it too! So many “regulars” forget that today will be someone’s very first day to ever see all of this stuff!! Let them enjoy it!!

We all have other passions / interests! If you like something more than going to UOR, you should do it! Even I have a few places / activities I would do other than visit Orlando if the opportunities presented themselves! (or if I could do them as inexpensive as UOR!)

I did the same thing back in January trying to take an impulsive trip! I wound up moving the flights to HHN, when I started to feel “guilty” about how often I go.

This is actually one of the reasons I didn’t go then and don’t have a Feb. trip planned now. (Feb. is my favorite month to visit theme parks!)

I do enjoy the lack of “pressure” to do anything though. I just get to be in that environment. I know for most it’s a cacophony of noise & and sea of people, but I find it relaxing. I talked about it in therapy a while back. It’s because almost all my good memories from childhood / teen / young adult happened at these places!

Sounds like you already have your relaxing day planned!! IMHO - VB is the best. I get great rides and good food / drinks (I know you can’t eat most). It’s also the place I can, literally, nap in while still having a blast!

Are there any street shows you’ve missed? USF / IOA / WWHOP? If I’ve never seen Marilyn, Blues Bros. or Beat Builders those are a treat. I’ll always stop in DA for either Celestina or Beedle Bard!

I’m not sure if those are enough for me to return on a special trip. If I had a friend that wanted to go, I’d justify it, another solo trip before HHN or even Epic probably isn’t going to happen. I’d love to live that locals lifestyle where I could go a couple times a month and stroll around. Then I’d see it all any time. Having the expense / travel is my only barrier for more visits…

That’s a tough call! IMHO - You are the only one that can answer that!

I’ve, probably, ridden VC and Hagrid’s a few more times than you. So it may be easier for me to resist them now. That wasn’t always the case though!!! I’ve heard them calling out to me in my dreams before beckoning me to return!

I voted, “Yes!” because I’m an enabler… I did truly debate selecting “No”, but that’s because I’ve gone “too much” and I’m putting that on you!! :rofl:


Well I now have a meeting for Monday morning. Looks like I won’t be going after all. I’m not too sad. I did have a great trip with my niece.

My countdown is now 1019 days until my next trip, December 6-10 of 2026. It’s gonna be EPIC.

Goes to a corner to cry just a little.