Last-minute trip - question on where to stay

So, hypothetically… say my friend and I were feeling fed up with the cold in the Northeast and were hypothetically considering booking a late-March long-weekend trip to WDW… What’s the best, most economical way to find the best deals? I looked on the Disney website and there are some ok-ish deals for Pop, and there’s a nice offer for the B-Resort & Spa, which I am intrigued by, especially because we usually rent a car and already have magicbands…

If you were planning a trip with 39 days (!) to go – how would you do it? It looks like ADRs are available, and if we book in the next 8 days I’d still have the jump on the offsite people. What else should I be looking at for not-too-expensive lodging?

DO IT GO 4 IT. Book your ADR’s first they go quick.

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DH and I planned a REALLY last minute trip the weekend following thanksgiving…like T-4 hours! Used PE deals to find a great rate on Hilton Bonnet Creek. Used Uber the whole time we were there without issue.

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What is “PE” deals?

Priceline Express

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How did you know you’d be happy with the place you ended up, using PE? I’m such a control freak I’d be nervous to go that route but it seems like it can possibly yield some really good deals. I guess I’ve gotta go re-read @JJT’s thread on that. Hmmm.


Get airfare first, it’s the least flexible thing to find. I look for on property deals then I go through my hotel memberships and try to find who has the best deal. Most are convention hotels so their rates vary based on what convention is around. I do not do Priceline as I don’t want a non-cancellable room. Most hotels have 5 day cancellation. ADRs are an afterthought, you can get so many with reservation finder and just booking a day or two ahead when the Super intense planners cancel last minute.

Used JJT’s data along with Hotel Canary to help determine which property it would be. Thanks again @JJT for all of your hard work!!


Maybe check the ‘Specials’ section of the DVC Rental Store site. We have rented points 4 times now and don’t think I’d ever plan a trip any other way! I always see their discounted last minute points to rent and am so tempted! They also have a few last minute confirmed reservations that might meet your needs. Worth a shot!

Contact a travel agent - I use Kim from Magical Vacations travel. She usually gets me a quote within a couple hours. I seem to recall a recent quote for POP per night was roughly $25-$40 less than the Disney price.

My family stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas last year and loved it! It’s 3.5 or 4 stars (depending on the site you book it on). It has 7 pools, tennis courts, mini golf, playgrounds, 3 restaurants on site and is really great for families. They have 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom villas that are really nice and spacious. We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa. I’d say it’s comparable to a deluexe hotel onsite at WDW.

The 2 bedroom villa had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, living room, dining room, 3 TVs and a washer an dryer. It was pretty new inside, looked great and was very clean. We had daily housekeeping.

If you go to the Marriott site directly to book I have found them to have the best rates. If you have AAA or CAA you can get a big discount. They are surprisingly affordable. I think the rooms are around $115 USD and up for the 1 bedroom villa and around $194 USD and up for the 2 bedroom villa. Price depends on the time of year you book and what discounts you get.

The resort is only a 10 minute drive to WDW…so it’s closer than some “onsite WDW hotels” if you have a car to get to WDW.

I spent a month researching hotels last year and this hotel had it all: tons of amenities, great location (close to WDW, shopping and restaurants), plus there was no resort fee. We got free parking, free wifi internet and free access to the resort and daily housekeeping. Before booking a hotel, check if there is a resort fee as it can add an extra $30 to $50 per night to your hotel cost.

We liked the place so much that we are staying there again this summer.