Last Minute Trip FPP availability

Hello folks,

We decided on a last minute trip to Disney in August and the one ride my daughter LOVES if FOP of course.

There are no fast passes left obviously. What is the likelihood they release more? What is an efficient way for me to keep checking(I currently log on every chance I can)?

We will rope drop the ride but getting a FP would obviously be amazing.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

They will drop more on the day you are there, not in advance. Times to check are currently 11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01. But they could change. There is a post pinned in the WDW category where we will alter them if they do.

This is it - Current same day FP drops


Thank you that’s great. I will be ready to try day of.

Should I not bother to keep checking ahead of time?

I’d still look, because if anyone cancels then it will appear for you to grab.


I did a last minute trip just last month. I had FP’s for Dinosaur and on the day of, I went into MDE to see about changing the time and it gave me the chance to change to FOP FP.

Needless to say, we grabbed the FOP FP and did the stand-by line for Dinosaur.


Is there still a chance they might extend the hours for August? That would mean additional FPs.

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Yes the hours for August will be finalised over this weekend, hopefully Friday so I can finish my plans. 2nd and 3rd were part of the July update and they added an hour at MK and AK iirc - definitely MK because that’s where we’ll be on 3rd.


Definitely keep checking. People’s plans change all the time. :slight_smile:

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I would check periodically and keep an eye on the forum for any new info. When we went last August a whole bunch of FOP fastpasses dropped in mid-July. (No idea why) People here on the forum mentioned it and I was able to move our fastpasses up about four hours from the time I had originally gotten.


You might be on a waitlist, but others have had some success with

It is the dining reservation finder equivalent for fastpasses…you’ll get pinged, but so will everyone else looking through that site. (as I understand it, haven’t used it yet myself)


Thanks, I signed up for the waitlist. I’ll report back if I have success with it.

Thank you all so much for the info. I read through tons of posts but I get overwhelmed with all the lingo sometimes. Thank you all for being so nice and helpful.

Also consider getting in line at park closing if you’re not trying to see ROL. We’re planning to do that on our next trip to see the queue. (And hopefully we’ll get SD FP then as well.)