Last Minute ADR questions

ADR days are Tuesday and Wednesday (b/c split stay). We have one night at Beach Club (5/11) and 5 nights at Poly (5/12-5/17)

  1. How far out do I need to look for Space 220? Can I book the lounge only?
  2. Does Yak & Yeti do dinner ressies? It doesn’t look like it based on availability I only see lunch for the days leading up to mine. Or is dinner at Y&Y super popular?
  3. We are staying at Poly and want to do O’hana dinner during fireworks. I understand that you cannot book a window table, but can you somehow request it? Or just luck/pixie dust?
  4. Which order would you prioritize these ADRs in terms of which ones to book first? We have park hoppers and food is a priority lol :slight_smile:

O’hana Breakfast
O’hana Dinner
Space 220 (lounge only)
Beaches & Cream
Yak & Yeti
Morimoto dinner
Teppan Edo lunch

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. See this recent thread for getting a Yak & Yeti reservation: Yak & Yeti for dinner?
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Space, Ohana dinner, Ohana breakfast, Oga’s.
You shouldn’t have a problem getting the rest. Oga’s tends to have last minute availability. Be prepared to play with # in party. Not sure how many in your party. Tables for two are harder to get, so start with four. For window seat at Ohana, request when you get there. Arrive a little early and get in your request. You will have a good view of the fireworks from the middle of the room also. (Mid left of the entrance) Good luck!


Can confirm this.

As well as either reservations for 4 or even 3. Rarely look for 2 even tho last two trips were two. Pretty much I look for odd numbers.

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Happy to update I got everything I wanted for the first two days with a small exception. I got Space220 restaurant, not lounge. We want the lounge though. I read on another post here that they only seat 4 or less together and we are a party of 5. I did look for parties of 3 and 2 but the lounge never came up as an option only the restaurant so I grabbed it and we can try walk up or try again tomorrow when our second window opens up. It’s a longer one (5 nights) so maybe we can snag Space lounge for later on our trip. Thanks yall!