Large group question

A friend just told me she is going with a group of 11 in June and asked for advice. Is there a Max # of people allowed on ADRs at this time? Can they book 11 or will they have to break the group up?

The largest tables are for 6, I think she’ll have to call.


I was able to book ADRs for 7 with no problem. There is probably a point at which you can’t physically book large parties (@amvanhoose had to split her party for Narcoossee’s with a 6 max). I think @Tall_Paul1 did some trial and error to see what the max party was for certain restaurants.

If an ADR for 11 is allowed, I would book one ADR and let Disney split into two tables if needed upon checkin.

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I know I’ve been able to book tables for 7 lots of places for next week.

So if they were going to do a leading reservation to book dining, if they had two people on the reservation and those two people were leads on different ADRs at the same times, would that work?

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I think @amvanhoose had to make the leading reservation under a separate person’s name or even have two leading reservations.

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I’ve done 10, but it’s been a few years.

I made one leading reservation with 3 different people on it (myself, DH, and DM) so I can book ADRs under any of our names. (I have access to all 3 MDE accounts.)

We have relatives joining us at Narcoossee’s so I had to break our party of 9 into two groups. I’ve been successfully booking 7 everywhere else so far.

I just spot checked the following at 60+10 days out for the maximum party size that had availability.
Teppan Edo-16(!)
Cinderella’s Royal Table-8
Beaches & Cream-8
Be Our Guest-8
California Grill-8

I tried doing a blanket search for anyplace available with seating for 11, and Teppan Edo was the only hit.

Seating for 10 added the following:
Frontera Cocina

Nothing new at seating for 9.

8 is where it gets interesting.

The top half (anything you can see time selections) had availability for 8. The rest didn’t, so I’m guessing that’s a ballpark list of those that max out at seating for 6.

ETA: For Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs, I booked a table of 7 through OpenTable and then called the restaurant directly and they were able to modify it to 10 for me.


That you so much! This is incredibly helpful.

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I’m going with a party of 18 in a couple of weeks. In the past I’ve done trips of 18, 20 and 30. Things are a little different now with the reduced capacity and table spacing. The number of seats per table largely depends on the restaurant. For this trip we ended up making four separate reservations at the same time at each restaurant. We were even able to get Ogas multiple times. Most of our tables are for four or six. We’re now contacting the restaurants individually, if they pick up the phone, to notify them that we are one party. So far Sanaa said they can seat us in two tables of nine. Via Napoli can’t do anything until day of because as a third party restaurant they don’t get the reservation list until that morning. For a party of 11 I think they would need to split into two tables of 6 and then let the restaurant know at check in that they are one party. If they call to make the reservations, both can be in the same lead persons name, eliminating the need to notify the restaurant ahead. I don’t do leading reservations, so I can’t speak to that, but with multiple reservations I think doing it leading would be unnecessarily complicated.