Leading Reservations for dining?

They have something better for adults, CHOCOLATE waffles! And an amazing sweet cheese concoction on top.


Ya’ll are killing me. I booked this for our BB day for 8:15am so we could try and make the bus stop by 9:30am but I am seriously really upset that I have to choose b/w the pancakes and the waffles. Everyone saying how wonderful they are is going to make it so hard for me to choose. I may seriously have to get both and just walked around like an elephant in my swimsuit at BB.


Official Enabler here…I may give HORRIBLE monorail resort directions…but I’m REALLY good at saying YES to ALL THE THINGS! Also, innertubes help hide the bloat! I recommend ordering both dishes, and then doing a few laps around the lazy river (do they have that at BB?) while the food digests.


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LOL yes they do. it’s a good one. The wave pool on the other hand I’ll have to do last.

Good call.

A couple more relevant data points…

Even though I’m logged into my MDE account, sometimes when I go to an individual restaurant, it doesn’t show my +10 dates as available to book. But, if I go back to “My Plans” in MDE, click on “Dining” under “Ann’s Plans and Tickets”, then “Make A Reservation”, I can access the +10 dates in the following screen and then they seem to stay accessible from any screen for some period of time.

Regarding max party size for various restaurants:

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Trying to get my teen as the lead on two of the reservations. 1:10 min hold and then hung up on and now 1:21 and counting. I swear there are like 10 people working the phone banks and if they tell you they are gonna put you on hold say no thank you. :wink:

Edit: 1:50 for round two and reservation rebooked for CRT in her name, paid on her debit card and was told she has to have ID. Luckily she has a passport and they said that would work. Now you know CRT is a pain in the butt to eat at for a teen.


I thought I read somewhere that if you have two WDW on-site resort res with overlapping dates, then there is a risk that WDW’s system will catch it and cancel both. Is that not right?

It’s never been an issue for me.

I’ve had 3 or 4 overlapping and never had a problem. I like to keep my options open!

This is like that first time I tried smoking. They said I wouldn’t get caught…


Also. True story. I told my DH I was trying it. After he stopped spinning enough to pay attention (right around the $4600 part), he begrudgingly told me to do what I have to do.

I then reminded him that if SOMEONE’S snoring doesn’t magically resolve itself by then, we may not cancel the second room after all. Someone gets BLT, Someone gets Allstars.


Well played.

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Okay, I’ve been searching for a while now and can’t seem to find this answer…

When booking ADRs using a leading reservation, do I need to have park passes for the parks where I’m making reservations? Or does that not matter at all? Have 5 days until I can start making reservations and want to have my bases covered.


You do not need park passes to my knowledge.

Edit: I’ve booked evening reservations in parks I don’t have a pass for expecting to park hop


Thanks for the quick response!

They recommend but do not require. This warning is on all in-park ADR restaurants.

Would love input. We always stay offsite. Planning to go 10/30 - 11/6 (park days 10/31-11/5). If I make an onsite room only reservation for 10/27 - 11/5 to get my ADR’s (and I’m hoping FP’s will be back by then) and cancel the room within the 60 day window, will my reservations remain linked to my MDE account or is that loophole still closed and will I still need a reservation for 10/31-11/5?

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From the tests @Tall_Paul1 did, it sounds like once you make an ADR, it stays when you cancel your leading reservation, regardless of whether you are within your normal booking window. This does NOT work with FPP, however (or at least it didn’t when FPP existed).

It stays when I cancel my leading reservation, but I still need a base reservation for the days I will be in the park, right?

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