What kinda lanyards are people using? I would like waterproof, not necessarily for phones, but tickets and room keys. Also, are you room keys and passes to the park the same? Pictures would be helpful too. Thanks.

Your room cards, passes to the parks, and express passes are all different pieces. You will want something like this. I don’t like wearing the lanyard on my neck, so just pull off the plastic part and then put that (with everything inside) in my back pocket. I usually just keep track of everyone’s as my OCD is happier that way.

Room keys:

Express passes:



Wrong park :wink:

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Too much tequila in my margaritas tonight. Thanks! I deleted.

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I’ve done that before too. Answered a question really well, and then realized I answered for the wrong park. :slight_smile:


I have never even been to universal :flushed:

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No problem. I thought maybe I had posted in the wrong spot. I’m a newbie. Thanks.

We do not have express passes. So, once inside the park do we continue showing our tickets for each attraction? We are staying at cabana. Is that pouch water proof?

Once you are in the park, you don’t need to show tickets for anything. That pouch in that type of lanyard doesn’t seal at the top, so it’s not waterpoof.

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No, we put our tickets and room keys away after entering in our backpack (actually keep room keys out during early entry). You really don’t need a lanyard if you don’t have express passes, assuming you have a backpack or other bag with you. You won’t show anything once in the park. We put everything except our express passes in a locker for the water rides as you will get soaked. That plastic is not waterproof as it isn’t sealed on the top.


Thanks. Great info. Which brings me to another point. Are you referring to a locker you would pay for and use the entire time. Or are you speaking about the lockers for each ride that you don’t pay for. Thanks for the help.

We use the lockers at all rides that make you use them, they are not like Disney and will not allow you to take a bag on. They are free, they allow you x amount of time based on the wait time. We have never had a problem retrieving them before time is up. I do believe the lockers by the 2 soaking water rides in IOA are pay lockers though. Just a few dollars so no big deal. I am not sure if they have long term use lockers, maybe someone else will chime in.

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I haven’t had great luck with those vinyl (I think that’s what they are made of…?) clear plastic type pouches holding up and fitting more than one card. I ordered this last year:

Sort of bulky and bangs around a bit, but it holds plenty and is totally waterproof.

There are many similar items that hang from the short side, are smaller/bigger, different colors, etc.


So, I’m still confused about the lanyard thing and all the rules about lockers and such in the park. We’ll be having express pass, staying at Portofino, will have our mobile phones with us…

Please can someone again post what would be a good choice for us? It’s two adults and two kids. We’ll try to minimize, but since I want my phone with us, I believe we will, at times, need to use the lockers before rides. And, we’d want something waterproof (more than a ziplock???) for the phone on the water rides?

This is our first trip in November.

I figure I need the following in the park:
room keys
express passes
credit card
anything else?

I saw this, but don’t understand the strap things. Do I need a lanyard?

Thanks folks!

I do use lanyards. But for those rides that are water rides, I take one of those large ziplock bags to put anything I don’t want to get wet, because one thing about Universal rides is that they want you to get soaked.

This is a great discussion. It helps. On this topic…in November, I’m traveling with two sons and without mom who cannot get away from work. This’ll be the first time at an amusement park without my wife’s purse/backpack to hold our small bits. I was thinking about cargo shorts/pants and avoiding lockers (at least until the water rides which are last on our TP). I’d keep my wallet with our tix and room keys and sunglasses case in my shorts. If the shorts have buttoned,zippered pockets, I should be good on the rides, no?

You won’t be able to ride Rip Ride Rockit, Dragon Challenge, or Hulk with anything other than your ticket/express pass. You must go through a metal detector, and they will make you leave the line and go back to the lockers. The lockers are free and easy to use. On the other rides you can keep them in your buttoned/zippered pocket. Hope this helps.

Thanks, that helps a lot. I’ll prepare to use the lockers for those. Thanks!

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So, what are people’s opinions about that picture of the travelon camera pouch? Good or bad? Can someone link a good lanyard they recommend?

we didn’t bother with lanyards - made me feel like i was at a work convention. We just had our tickets and express passes. Not an issue - for the water rides just put them in a little baggie