OK, cool. Sounds like, given I'll have to use a locker for some rides anyway (to put the phone), I might as well has my little bag to hold everything and just throw it in the locker when needed. Thanks!


For the park tickets - one we were in the gate - we just packed them away in the little backpack my wife brought. For the Express Passes - we had a little change purse that my daughter had. I just kept that and when we needed them i just pulled them out. I really thought the lockers were going to be a pain the back side - but they were not. They got crowded - but were still pretty efficient. My only suggestion is that ONE person go to the lockers, rest stand close to line entrance. MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER your locker #. But it is done very well.


I would also add that, while it is totally up to personal preference, a lanyard holding anything more than a couple pieces of paper will have some weight to it. I would not like the feel of the weight of my phone pulling around the back of my neck for several days. Additionally, if it's really hot, that's just one more thing on my body that's making me sweat and that will stick to me. The fanny pack is around my clothes and I don't even notice it.


I agree - but think we can all get on board with this though - HA


OMG yes!!! :smile:


Flippin' Fantastic. Am ordering that!