Landry’s card….is there a digital version?

Hi! My kid decided today that the only restaurant he wants to go to is Trex, I’ve ready about the Landry’s rewards before but is there a digital card that would make it worth me signing up online? We arrive at Disney in 6 hours lol


It’s been a while since I first got my Landry’s card so I can’t remember the process, but apparently there is an App! I would think this would work for what you need, if such a benefit exists.

Oh and I also found this in the FAQ;

So definitely could be worthwhile to register!

If you are able to sign up online, we always have them look us up by phone number and they are able to see available rewards that way.


Perfect thanks y’all!

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At Yak and Yeti, which is also a Landry’s establishment, you could sign up at the restaurant and get the reward instantly


I use the app! It keeps track of all your points & rewards


There’s an app.

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Btw - If anyone is signing up please let me “refer” you. We both get 100 points!!

I use my card at Bubba Gump and The Palm at Universal. I love getting the free $25 for my birthday


Wait, back up…

So you’ll tell others not to go, but you’ll go yourself :rofl:


You read my mind :laughing:

I think Bubba Gump at CityWalk is a great place for lunch. Decent quality food, never a wait to get in, nice menu, good service, and great atmosphere. I’ve been twice. Not sure if we’ll visit next trip. May opt for the CW QS upstairs.

I will say that not all Bubba Gump’s around the U.S. are created equal. But…newsflash… Bubba Gump CW is rated better than most other CityWalk restaurants, even the most popular ones!


But I think @darkmite2 was pushing them away from the CW location!


If you go into it knowing it’s going to be “theme park food” it’s fine. If you get an enthusiastic server it’s better. All the Vacation Planning Desk have coupons for CityWalk places. There’s a coupon for a 100% free appetizer for Bubba Gump in them!

I get it every time & give it away to people waiting to sign in outside

The mini golf coupon is good too