Kermit Keepers, August 2017

Here in the forum, there are pictures of adventures under “Hi Ho, Kermit the Frog here” There is also a closed Facebook group called Flat Liners - Adventures of Kermit, which I am sure if you request to join, it will be approved. There is also #flatkermit on instagram. Check all three because there seems to be little differences on each. :smile:

@Jedilogray… Are U in the Kingdom? If so, please be safe. I am still planning to be there despite the Hurricane Irma

Hey there. Yes i am in the kingdom. Kermit was passed onto me. I am here until wednesday. We will see what happens.

Hello all…Unfortunelly I will not be able to make it to WDW as schedule due to Hurricane Irma . @Jedilogray I am sorry that we could not meet up . I wish everyone safe who will still be there…Going to be rescheduling in the next 6 months… I do believe that the next person who will be entailing Mr Kermit is @Star_Wisher

Sorry about your trip @flyboy! I remember we both stayed at the CR at the same time in 2014. @Jedilogray please stay safe–you were the fairy godmailer for our son at one point!. We arrive on 9/16 and are staying at the Poly.

@flyiboy i understand. Do not worry. Kermit can swim if the weather is really bad. Lol. He will not need to swim.

@Star_Wisher small world. I will be in touch again as my trip wraps up. Kermit is safe for now. And funny i was your fairy godmailer.

Everyone be safe.

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Hey totalkid- we get in late that night but depending on when you leave the party, maybe we can meet. Of course, if you don’t mind dropping him by CBR, that would be great too! I can always add you to Facebook messenger to stay in touch if you’d like. Thanks!

I just signed up for November 18-24. I do not have Instagram. I will just be posting to fb page will this work?

The person before me didn’t put their resort so how do I know where to pick him up?

Sure - you can post here and/or on FB page. If the person before you is on the FB group, I would try messaging them to figure out best exchange plan. Depending on plans, you might be able to meet in one of the parks. Have fun!! :grinning:

Ok I will probably wait until closer to my dates. I go in November. Thanks