Kermit Keepers, August 2017

@AuntB_luvsDisney did you pick kermit up? He is lost.

Per @AuntB_luvsDisney from chat:

No I did not take him. Make sure you tell them what day he was dropped off. They store them differently based off day dropped off

Did they find him?

I sure hope so…DS is very worried about him!

Kermit!!! KERMIT!!! The search continues.

Kermit is rescued! Please send Liner love to CM Terre at AKL Jambo House Bell Services. Who is taking him? I have so much happening/up in the air I don’t want to keep him. Don’t hate me


So glad he’s been rescued!!!

Best news yet today!

@AuntB_luvsDisney, I’m arriving on 8/31 at Port Orleans, I can take him for a few days and then hand him over to @Jedilogray. I can private message you with my resort # and name so that you can drop him off at the front desk. He should be ok there. Would that work? Then @Jedilogray it would be up to you to see him get to @flyiboy next.

Yes. I will store him in a locker today if no liners at AKL can hold him.

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@Brasheal it looks like you are next on the spreadsheet, Can you get him from @AuntB_luvsDisney and then I could take him on Sunday, September 3rd for a few days before handing him off to @Jedilogray.

@Brasheal I am at AK today and then to my new resort at AllStar Music.

That should work. I do not want him to be languishing away in bell services any longer than necessary.

I arrive on the 5th, non park day, staying at all stars music. The 6th I will be in the MK. Whenevr you wish to hand him off.

@flyiboy I see you arrive on the 11th, we will need to workout the handoff.

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I’m going to be at Epcot on the morning of the 6th, but I can head over there in the afternoon/early evening to meet up with you at MK.

Sound good @Jedilogray…Do you want my phone # / email / FB / Twitter /InstaGram …I know…I am everywhere…Looking forward to see Mr Kermit…FYI…I will be arriving at CR around 3:30pm on the 11 Sept


I may be blind, but is there a “Kermit goes to …” thread with photos of his adventures?

#flatkermit on Instagram @cYn_s15 Maybe there is another place as well that I’m not aware of.

Ah cool, I’ll see if I can get on there and have a look. I don’t use Insta but I’m sure I’ll be able to see it somehow

I signed up for 9/23-9/25 so that leaves 10 days between @Jedilogray and me unless someone signs up for the empty days between. We’ve wanted to host Kermit for years and I’m so happy we finally get to do so! :smiley: Now I get to tell my kiddos and hope they can remember their plans for him from 2 years ago. :wink:

@Jedilogray - We’ll be at AoA so it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from you at ASM. :slight_smile:

@SarahHEA - We can either leave him for you at CBR or maybe hand him to you in person since we’ll still be at Disney when you arrive. 9/26 is our rest day/party night so just let me know what you want to do and we’ll make it happen. :smile:

@totalkid i know @flyiboy is after me and it will likey be a handoff

That is a long time to get lost. Is there anyone who can take care of kermit in between. Any locals that can house him. Maybe @pod4christ?