Kermit is Missing in Action

All. Kermit has gone underground. As far as we can tell liner @A113 was the last liner to have him, but we have not seen or heard from her or Kermit.

Please keep Kermie in your thoughts and send some pixie dust so that we can find him and get him back into the parks!


This Kermit kidnapping MUST stop…perhaps Constantine is behind it??? Thanks Becky for putting out the SOS :smile:


Well that liner should get an email from the tag. Hope you find him.

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Oh no! I hope he shows up.

The world seems like a horrible place tonight.

(Dramatically slow arm flail)


We believe he is at All Star Sports and know what name is on the bell services tag. Anyone going to be at All Star Sports in the next day or two???

Praying for a swift end to the latest Kermit-napping. Be safe, my amphibian friend!

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O.O :frog:


Oh NO!!! Not Kermie, not again. PIXIE DUST!!! I hope he turns up. Who is in the world that could maybe try and rescue Kermit,

I think @MagicMN is there. @daisykingdom91 are you in the world?

Come back Kermie!

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Unfortunately, I do not arrive until next week. There are several Liners there maybe @glamourgirl @TiffloveswdwTA @MDU @niter @MagicMN or @karlan29 can take a look. I know there is more down there but it could be a very long list if I named them all.

Oh noooooo!!! :frowning:

If I get a chance, I will try to check over at All Star Sports and see if he is there!

Oh no!


Once again your profile picture is absolute perfection @LuvMuppets! Kermieeeee!

@pod4christ, it would feel wrong to “like” this, but I did laugh out loud.


Oh no! I hope he surfaces soon!

Watch out, the last time @mdu kidnapped him she went running through MK laughing an evil laugh! :wink:

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I didn’t have him this past week. Lucky Kermit. Although, I DID jump in his fountain at HS. Hope he turns up soon.

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Not again!!!


Dislike… {stink eye}