Kenny the Pirate - Am I doing it wrong?

Hi hive mind!

So I have never been wicked into the characters. I will stop and get pics here and there with Mickey and did a few good ones at MNSSHP back in the day, but I mostly just do easy ones that I see. Now I have DS(almost)4 and he seems to be VERY into characters. (Judging from his fanboy experience with Daniel Tiger a couple of weeks ago.) I’m trying to squeeze them into my plans but do not really want to spend a lot of time or effort.

So I signed up and paid for Kenny the Pirate, but I’m not finding it super helpful! I have to assume that I am doing it wrong because I feel like he gets a lot of love here. I am going to the Master Character List and choosing who I would like to see (ex. Jasmine & Aladdin) but it just lists where they are and the times. It suggests going first thing, but I already knew that and would obviously love to do everything “first thing”. So how do I utilize this best? Thank you!!


Yeah… I’ve debated a KtP membership. I find his website a bit hard to navigate though. I have found a couple other sites that give character schedules and have been using that.

Does the KtP have a "real time’ character locator feature? Can anyone recommend using KtP & why?


My family loves characters.
His character master list is worth its weight in gold to me.
His info on special meets made our trip last time.
Website is terribly clunky!!! Ugh.

We’ve used his TP even - (but before FPP tide-rationing.)

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Glad to hear! How do you use the master list?

We are big on characters. Last trip I aimed for all the princesses + Elsa. I wanted to establish who met where and when. Having it all in one place allowed me to make a plan.

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I found his character guide helpful for advance planning in spreading character meets over the parks for a little variety (in both character costumes and in not feeling like you were spending all day meeting characters). By knowing in advance what time they started meeting (eg. in Dinoland) we could plan to be there at the start of the meet. And by knowing what time they stop meeting you don’t have it in your plan to meet a certain character at 5 pm only to arrive at the park for the everning and discover they stopped meeting that day at 3 pm and you’ve missed them.


He has touring plans that include characters and rides, or just characters only. Maybe that would help?

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Has anyone paid for a personal plan? Thinking one for MVMCP might help ?

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The year that we were super big on meeting as many characters as we could, we found his information to be key. I used it like @NoCapes . I noted the meet and greet times on our personalized touringplans TP for the park in question, and worked that meet and greet in when we were in the area. No word of a lie, in AK one day we met TWELVE characters! It was fantastic.

That was back when an membership was something like $10 or so. Not sure what he’s charging these days. He’s grown a lot and I think his price tag has too.

I wouldn’t pay for a personalized TP from him. I think his information is a great supplement, but IMO the TouringPlans tps are better.


Ok, so I feel like I am on the right track! So use KtP to find out where and when the characters are meeting and then just put it into my own TP. I think the only piece missing is the “best” times to go, but I can work on that myself.

For example, here is my first day at MK and I’ve added “meals” for M&Gs. Is this what you guys are doing?


I am not trying to take anything away from TP because I do love them :heart: , but do you think you’d still prefer TP over KtP for a character centric park day? While KtP emphasizes characters, TP doesn’t seem to give them as much emphasis as character focused families might need?

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This is my question too. I generally know what characters are available and where due to all the free resources online. I make a “break or meal” in my TP for character M&Gs - editing the time. I’m not opposed to using KtP, but wanted to know if his information is worth paying for.

I mean… I spend thousands on the trip what’s $15 more if it helps me optimize my park time. I just want to know if it does anything special.



I recently realized I wasn’t using touring plans properly. I always just ripped the premade plans out of the back of the book. But I would compare the plans with the times KTP was outlining and put them in that way.

I think I like that it is one stop shopping for me. The master list is so helpful to me. I find the Disney app more cumbersome. I also like the prompts on what to talk to the characters about. It helps my kids on the first park day when they are shy.

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Indeed I do.

If you subscribe to kenny you do get that “best time to visit” info too.

Before I knew about KtP I’d take out a ride I didn’t plan to do (HM, POTC, TOT, Nemo show) and put in characters.

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Ok, here’s another example that I thought KtP solved for. I want to meet Buzz. He meets both at DHS and at MK. Which is better or shorter lines? I thought that was mentioned somewhere but I don’t see it.

The DHS meet is indoors. Better for super hot or inclement weather. The MK meet is outdoors. I find the MK one has shorter lines because it’s a bit out of the way, tucked in between COP and BLSRS. But that one is no good if it’s lousy out.