Just testing my sparklies



Hi Beachmon01!

Very Sparkly! sunny

I see you sparkling there @Beachmom01 smile

I'm not sure which reply button to push... the reply for my original post or the one under your post???

I think either one.

I have to admit I'm not very sparkly this morning... the new forum thing isn't working on my iPhone. I have to say if I can't use it on my phone sadly I won't be here... frowning

Hey @Beachmom01 ... Your sparklies look fab!!!

Oh, I need your sparklies! Hope they fix things so you can poof us as needed.

Seeing your sparkles makes me smile @Beachmom01! This forum needs your pixie dust!

The one under your post will cause your post to show up as a reply to that specific post, as well as at the bottom of the thread. The Reply button at the bottom of the thread will cause it to show up at the bottom of the thread only. The message under each person's post, I think, also causes that person to receive a notification that someone has replied to them.


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Nice sparkles Beach!

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Testing sparklies


Those are some awesome sparklies, @perryisherewithme. Don't tell @Beachmom01 but they are better than hers. =)

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I am just a beginer compared to her! blush

Hi @Beachmom smile took me a while to figure out how to reply

Hi! Just learning how this is all going to work. Is there one post where we can learn about this new forum? I am a bit tech challenged!!

Glad we can still see your sparklies!

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Woah. Where did that font come from?

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