Just Relax! A Live/Solo Trip Report

Y’all! As some of you know, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Part of the reason I love trips to WDW is it’s familiar. I know my way around and what to do.
The title of this thread is literally what my husband said to me just 30 minutes ago. This is a trip of firsts. I am out of my element and expected it to be challenging. Only I didn’t expect the challenges to start so soon … :weary:


Hope everything is ok and that you have a good trip.

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Typically, I drive myself to the airport two hours south of town. I loathe our local airport because delays. And no Southwest Airlines. But due to anxiety, I don’t drive the highway in winter. My trip a few months ago, hubby drove me. I didn’t want to ask him to take off work this time, so I researched and found a shuttle service. But it’s not going the best …


I get it. WDW is familiar to many of us and one of the safest places to be.

Don’t give those anxious thoughts any attention. Let the next, more helpful thought come in.

Have a wonderful time.


Pickup was 5AM at the local Bob Evans. They advised arriving 15 minutes early. 5AM rolls around and it’s just hubby and me outside a dark restaurant.
My body goes into panic mode. Hubby says “just relax.”
5:10 and I’m blowing up their phone. Freaking out because … a flight. Meanwhile, my watch is instructing me to breath. Which, oddly, panics me more. Hubby is prepared to drive me there, but it made me sad. Finally, at 5:15 the shuttle rolls into the restaurant parking lot …


Hubby approaches driver while I gather my things. They started chucking it up and I’m all :eyes:.
He explained why the driver is late. Who cares?
Not anxiety.

Driver told hubby he had two stops. The website shows same pickup times for both stops. :eyes:
So … if the company knows this then fix it. Am I missing something?


I get in the van and guess what. I’m the only passenger. Where’s those other passengers at the other stop who made you late. :eyes:
Not angry. Nervous.


By the way, this maskless driver explained none of this to me. I’m getting it from the hubs via text. Because I am texting him to explain not only was the driver late, his driving scares me. He’s speeding and frequently going onto the rumble strips. I work in transportation … in the safety capacity …:eyes:


I also get panic attacks and anxiety so I totally feel you. Disney world is also my to go vacation place for the same reasons. And because they drive me places and I don’t have to. Driving is the absolute worst for me.

Sending good vibes to you, and I’ll be following along!


My lovely husband, who has been a driver for 36 years (car haul) is taking up for the guy. Why? Apparently, the reason they hit it off and were chucking it up was the driver’s baseball cap. He, like my husband, is a HAM radio operator. :roll_eyes:
So, while I am texting concerns to him of how my demise might end up on an episode of Dateline, he tells me to relax. “HAM radio operators are upstanding citizens who donate their time, especially during emergencies.” was his response. Seriously?! :laughing:


I mean…

But also…

Which is not Dateline material so you’re safe. But it kind of puts a hole in the upstanding citizen thing :laughing:


Driver said he was going to stop at the rest area. I have “plenty of time” before my flight. Y’all! Please help me. It’s kind of comical at this point. I planned on sleeping on the drive, but nope.


Stop at the rest area? For what?

Maybe he has a HAM broadcast he would like to make?


Just what I need. Thank you. :laughing:


If nothing else, you have a small army of Disney enthusiasts supporting you.


So while you’re not being murdered give us the low-down.

Where are you staying?
How long will you be there?
Will you blink if the driver is being weird?
What first time experiences do you have planned?

(Notice how I sneaked that in there? I hope the driver didn’t. But he shouldn’t be reading this anyway. HEY DRIVER! MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND GET DRIVING!)


I’m going to tell him if something happens to me he will be Chapek-ed!


Oh man there is nothing more infuriating than hearing “just relax” when you’re on the edge of a panic attack. Except maybe the World’s Worst Shuttle Driver. Did you bring the kids? I saw a ton of ridiculously adorable outfits for them on my trip last month, maybe deserves a distracting Google?



I nearly forgot this is a Disney trip report. :laughing:


We are with you! You are on your way and soon with be in the world!