Just Relax! A Live/Solo Trip Report

Oooo I love a safety Lady trip report! I
Hope the rest of your trip is less adventurous.


I kind of love your husband’s chill factor. Y’all have the yin-yang thing completely worked out.

In no time at all you will be taxiing down the runway and wondering why you were ever worried! You’re going on vacation!! :slight_smile:


It’s like you are on a roll this morning.


Ok. New focus. The reason we are here.
The last few years I have longed to go for Festival of the Arts. (Tim Tracker FOTA videos are the best.)
But because I had trips shortly before/after I felt l couldn’t justify it. That all changed when I came home from the last trip with Covid. :grimacing:

While I didn’t get super sick, I was freaking terrified. (Thank you anxiety.) Having heard stories of how folks were fine the first few days, but ended up on a ventilator - I was scared, y’all. For at least the first week. I started reevaluating things and the importance of doing what makes me happy.
Meanwhile, these cuties became available. Just in time to make me feel less afraid.


The coffee is hitting well today.
And it’s Friday! yay!


As a fellow sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, it’s definitely hard to hear “just relax”. Hopefully this drive is the worst part of your trip and things only get better from here.


Of course Chip and Dale were all “We wanna go to Disney World, Mommy” so the plan was in motion. I could swing it if I do a budget trip. But who in the @mousematt am I kidding? Save for a stay at Pop Century, this won’t be a budget trip at all. Y’all know I likes my merch …
First time at Pop and I’m a little nervous. My only Value experience is ASSports and … :eyes:
The room was ok, but it was sooooo loud. And so many people. :weary:
Pop gets good reviews, so I’m hopeful.


Hoping the rest of the trip is smooth. Your going to love the festival. Be sure to see the Visual Art in Performance.


Decided to utter a few words with driver. His name is Paul. I like that he’s not talkative. :laughing:
But he told me he has hearing aids, so I imagine conversations would be tough in his job. Especially when he’s driving on the rumble strips …


Something I am so looking forward to is Trevor Carlson. The first time I saw him (YouTube) I thought meh. But, his enthusiasm and dance moves wore on me. And when I saw the finished piece … swoon!!


Have an amazing trip! I’m sad that our plans didn’t overlap, as I would have loved to have met you!

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I feel you. The ONE TIME I used a shuttle service, it was a mess. I had to leave for the airport at 3 am. I didn’t want my husband to have to take me because we had little kids and I was going to be gone for three weeks so didn’t want to drive myself and park at the airport. Service picked up me up at my house. They were 15 min late. First I panicked for those 15 min, trying to decide if I should wake up my husband or just drive myself. Then once the driver arrived, he drove so fast - like 20 - 30 miles over the speed limit. On empty roads! At 3 am! I had been so worried about the trip and getting ill or dying on the trip that I just kept thinking “it’s going to be so embarrassing If I die ON THE WAY TO THR AIRPORT”.

I arrived safely and the driver gave me his card in case I ever wanted his limousine services. I promptly threw it in the trash.

I’m excited about your solo trip. I did one in October and it was so lovely. Also curious about what you think about Pop as I’ll be staying there for the first time in May.


Trevor is my favorite, so entertaining to watch. I have met him on several occasions, he is such a nice guy.

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I’m so excited for your trip! I hope the anxiety can take a mental back seat once you’re in the safe place :heart:


Rumble Strip Randy, I mean Paul, got me to the airport safely and I’m grateful.
I usually take the early, early flight, but have to say I’m liking this one. Not busy at all. Security was a breeze. TSA agents were pleasant.


We watched some Visual Art in Motion performance on Monday. Is that new? I’ve never seen it before.

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No not new, they used to perform by the fountain before it was taken away.

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Pop is fantastic. Definitely a step (or more) above ASSp