Just got back from WDW, and it's looking pretty run down lately

My worst restroom wxperience was in 2018. It was terrible. But I have not an an issue since then, so it seems to be hit.or miss.

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I’m sorry you had this experienece!

I think the way we experience Disney can vary so much from person to person. I went to WDW as a child from 1978 to 1991. I didn’t come back until 2015 and we have continued to come back more and more. So while I do want Disney to make repairs and expand, I am clearly not among the dissatisfied.

We are headed to Universal for the first time the week before Easter, right after a few days at WDW. I am very excited for this trip and extremely excited for Epic Universe.

But I have to challenge the narrative of Universal aleays being cheaper than Disney. The low seasons may be much cheaper, but the high seasons are not. If you want “skip the lines” options the week before Easter, Disney is coming out a good bit cheaper than UOR.


HHN doesn’t really focus on that. As I know of what you speak. Particularly Orlando. It’s more about terrific set design and classic horrors like blood and jumps scare. West coast is a bit more tactile with things in your face like having to walk thru guts hanging from the ceiling but neither coast really does the thing like our local one does where you have to walk thru the bouncy house walls squeezing. That one gets me too!

I will say that once on the East coast they had a room that was pitch black and then you heard a voice in your ear and it was like it was right there and that could probably induce tears but that’s really the only time I’ve ever really found HHN scary. I mean jump scares yes but I mean like actually scary.

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Agree on this. We did one night and day at Universal Christmas week followed by five nights and four days at WDW. Even after we added in Genie+ and some ILLs at Disney, the cost at Universal was almost half of what we paid at WDW. For one quarter of the time!

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This is especially true because I am going with a convention and the discount for Disney tickets is significant. Its $8 per 3 day ticket for Universal!

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But also both parks often get cheaper per day the longer you stay both in hotel deals and cost of park ticket a day too. Not that even apples to apples universal might still have been more expensive. Just maybe not be as much as twice.


It was the hotel cost to get the Express Pass that pushed Universal so far above Disney in price and that wouldn’t go down with a longer stay at that time of year.

This was my experience as well. The cost of the hotel (which was cheaper than the express pass by far) was high enough we chose to only stay one night. During other seasons AP rates and cjeaper prices in general make a huge difference.


This makes me so, so sad. My son is a custodial trainer. He’s been the restroom attendant quite a lot, and I haven’t heard him complaining about the job being overwhelming. Of course, he has never attended to the men’s rooms in MK, HS, or Epcot, so maybe those are a different experience.

I guess I’m also disturbed because as a trainer, he really wants new custodians to enjoy their jobs. “Dead-eyed” doesn’t fit in with that concept. So, yes, this thread just makes me sad.


For a more of a behind the scenes discussion I would try


I would go a little deeper than this. There is a growing segment of our population that equates the expending of effort with success. As long as they have put in time and effort, in their opinion the job is complete regardless of the outcome. I always fall back to my Physics class … You can push on a safe all day long, but if the safe hasn’t moved you have done any work.


Definitely agree.

Generally I notice bathroom uncleanness and a less than warm demeanor in Magic Kingdom. Not to say it’s exclusive though. In my personal experience the bathroom that is the worst offender is the one near Aladdin Carpets between Frontierland and Adventureland.

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Not for one moment do I want to negate your experience. I do think we get less for our money pretty much everywhere these days, not the least of which is at WDW.

But with that said, I had been reading on the DISboards and a now defunct board, back in 2016 about the worsening shape of WDW. So on that trip, I took many photos of disheveled bathrooms and torn seats, etc. The problem was evident to me then, too. I am not saying it isn’t worse now. But it was an issue then, too.


This reminds me of a stairwell at Wilderness Lodge. There was a coffee spill on a landing. It stayed there all week. That was the most unusual part.

On another, later trip, a disposable water bottle was visible in the Big Thunder Mtn area, not quite below the tracks. That stayed there a good while also.

And then, one trip we were hanging around near the Hub at MK watching the kiss goodnight while guests left the park. I was astonished when a group of CMs operating giant kind of vacuums came along Main Street. Still with plenty of guests around.

The coffee spill was in 1998. The water bottle and noisy cleaners were on subsequent trips. Probably before our 2012 trip.

Also nearly every trip a CM has made some difficulty go away. They’ve made things better. I think the interactions with the CMs are an important part of what keeps me returning.


I agree. But I think it is worse now. Seems to me like it has been a steady decline in cleanliness, service and food quality since about 2010.


The only exception I can think of to this is television shopping. It’s amazing how much more/better tv you can get for your money compared to 20 years ago. I shudder when I think about how much I spent on my first flat screen tv in 2002.


This is very true! We now have a stupid 70” and considered an 80” at Christmas time. Like I need to see Jusassic Park any larger!!!

Hmmm. Is there anything else?


I submit some cars.

We bought our first Dodge mini van in 1988 from Avis. $16,000 and some. It had a bench seat in the middle. Only one side door. None of the doors opened by pressing a button on a key fob.

A year ago I bought another Dodge mini van for $18,000 and some. The key fob not only has buttons to open doors it will remote start the van.

The middle seats are captains chairs. Middle and rear seats fold down to form a large cargo area. The 1988 van had a large cargo area, if the seats were removed.

And so on. There’s a small price difference between the two, and more than a few years. I feel like I got more vehicle for my money.

Did I mention tinted windows?


Thanks for posting that video. Lots of very interesting, detailed information about ride maintenance that I’d never heard before.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched one of this guy’s videos before. What’s your sense of how reliable his anonymous sources might be?