Just for fun: WDW Would you Rather?

Would You Rather: Disney World Style

You have to pick one, no loop holes! Would you rather…

  1. Wear sweatpants & a sweatshirt around Magic Kingdom all day in August OR wear a pair of sneakers that were 2 sizes too small around MK all day?

  2. Have to wait in line for FOP for 4 hours OR wait in line for Tomorrowland Speedway for 50 minutes?

  3. If they were the same price, would you rather Stay at a Deluxe Resort with Park Hoppers for 4 days OR stay at a Value Resort with single park tickets for 7 days?

  4. Only eat Dole Whips for your entire trip OR only eat turkey legs for your entire trip? (breakfast lunch and dinner, nothing else)

  5. Get an anytime Fast Pass for each day of your stay OR get to attend Early Morning Magic TSL for free?

Okay, now you give me some of your toughest “Would You Rathers?” :slight_smile:

  1. Sweats
  2. FOP
  3. 7 days
  4. Turkey
  5. EMM
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  1. Sweats (i’m allowed to roll up my sleeves and pants, right?)
  2. Ugh. Speedway for 50 minutes because I don’t do 4 hour waits.
  3. 7 days!!
  4. Turkey legs… i’d never be able to handle that much sugar
  5. Free fastpass every day!
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  1. Sneakers
  2. FOP
  3. Value
  4. Turkey Legs
  5. Anytime FP, easy!

Ouch!! :rofl:

@lindsayvrsmith I agree with Tomorrowland Speedway. As lame as it is, I am not waiting 4 hours for anything!

I would be so sick from the fumes though. It would ruin the rest of my day!

Go to Chef Mickey’s
Stand in Town Square and play the bongo breaks from “Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band on a large colander worn on one’s personal head, fourteen times


Therein lies the Would You Rather Dilemma :sweat_smile: !

  1. sneakers, sweats are not to be worn in public (or leggings, but that’s another rant…)

  2. Speedway, very little is worth waiting 4h for

  3. Deluxe w/hoppers, not hating on value but a minute of love is better than a lifetime without

  4. dole whips! turkey legs? :face_vomiting:

  5. Any time FP+ each day

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Sweats, FOP, value, dole whip, FP.

I don’t think those were that tough!

but you got 3 wrong :laughing:



First is the toughest because so miserable either way.

Speedway - not waiting 4 hours for anything
Value - it’s what I’m doing now
Turkey - never had a dole whip but it really doesn’t appeal to me
Anytime FPP


A Deluxe resort was a bucket list kinda thing for me, so was interested if anyone would choose it :thinking:

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Would you rather ride your favorite ride all day (no wait) as your only ride/attraction that day or be able to ride/do any attraction BUT your favorite ride. Assume this is a 1 day trip for you, and your only trip in a while!


How sad. But I would choose ALL rides BUT my fave. And complain about it to my husband all day.


Be able to ride/do any attraction BUT your favorite ride. As much as I like my favorite ride, I would get bored after the 5-6 time riding it.


Speedway. 4 hours is way to long
Value. - You’re only sleeping there. - Currently doing this
Dole Whip (Never had a turkey leg)

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Sweats - I’m not killing my feet for the rest of the vacation
FOP - unless they have switched to the long-promised electric cars at TS
Value - all rooms are the same in the dark
Turkey leg - Dole Whips are flat out disgusting
Fast Pass - TSL never really appealed to me in the first place

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Ooh now that’s tough. It might depend which park. I could go to AK and just ride EE all day (I’ve never been on FOP so wouldn’t know what I was missing). I’m not sure I could even pick a favourite at the other parks.