Just for fun: WDW Would you Rather?

sweats, speedway, 4 days, tyrkey, anytime fpp

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  1. Sneakers

  2. Speedway

  3. I’d go Deluxe because I’d love to splurge on that and I doubt I’d get hoppers otherwise but I think they’d be great

  4. Dole whips hands down

  5. Anytime FP

  6. Chef Mickeys (breakfast not dinner)

  7. Everything but my favorite (can I pretend it’s under refurb?)

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I haven’t been in over 20 years but from what I remember my fav ride is the late Malstrom followed by Splash mountain which I’m not even doing this trip bc I don’t think either kid will ride.

In any case, I’d ride every other ride.

Here’s mine. I guess we can call this #8.
Would you rather go to WDW with a group of friends who refuse to tour the way you want to OR order what the person in front of you is getting at every meal?

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i chose 4 days mostly for park hoppers…not so much value over deluxe

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see this is what you do at 45 days. barnstormer 5 times no wait or splash mountain once with a 90 minute wait. BoG time of your choice or tonys parade pkg for free

  1. Sweats
  2. Tomorrowland Speedway for 50 minutes. I have already done this multiple times at DLR, well maybe not 50 minutes, but close. Crazy I know, but I kind of like the fumes.
  3. Deluxe
  4. Dole Whips
  5. Free FP
  6. Chef Mickey’s
  7. All rides, but my favorite
  8. Order what the person in front of me is getting
  9. Splash 90 minutes
  10. Tony’s free


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OMG good one. Order what the person in front of me is ordering. My head would explode if I wasnt in charge of touring.


thats a good Un eat what peeps in front of me order. if it stinks, i go elsewhere

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Mine too! I have mixed feelings about planning a girls trip for this reason! Also you can kind of hack the food: aloha aisle, popcorn cart, Pretzel cart, sleepy hollow. I’m not going to be disappointed at these places.

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exploding heads not good

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  1. Sweatpants and sweatshirt. I can duck into AC but I can’t fix ruined feet
  2. Speedway. I don’t give ANY attraction 4 hours of my time at Disney
  3. Value for 7. We don’t hop much and I’m always jonesin for more days in the World
  4. Dole whips. I’d swell right the f**k up eating all them turkey legs!
  5. Anytime FPP

Chef Mickey

So only one ride?

And finally in message 17 I found my Would You Rather Twin!

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I will not tour like a crazy person with no plan


The problem with FoP is it doesn’t give you a “rest of the day.” I’d take Speedway easily.

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Would you rather smell the Figment skunk smell your entire day or have to watch the Disney Jr. stage show as a preshow to every attraction or meal?

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  1. Order (I think all liners will say this)
  2. Splash 90 - I don’t do coasters, so even a baby one 5 times in a row.
  3. I had to look up Tony’s menu, but i’d take a free parade seat and mediocre Italian food. The caprese and tiramisu can’t be terrible.
  4. I held my breath for figment so I don’t know how bad the smell actually was. That said, I’d probably choose it over an entire stage show 10+ times in the same day.