Just food reviews... Honest ones only please ;)

We all have different opinions and tastes when it comes to food. (I’m gonna’ tag some ppl and I apologize in advance if you don’t want the notoriety) @bay.loftis honest review/experience of dessert cruise really helped me know that I didn’t need to try that experience; thank you. Another liner I met didn’t think a place was very good but didn’t report it… why… didn’t want the debate??? @ryan1 says he’s a QS kinda’ guy and that’s ok (I hope I remembered it correctly), @Jeff_AZ likes steak and potatoes, @Wahoohokie & @Dreamer like fine dinning, @OBNurseNH likes the drinks :wink: … So, how about a thread of honest reviews… my DH thinks sometimes we are swayed by expectations that it’s all supposed to be wonderful at Disney. I’ve tried many things based on your recommendations in these threads. Some I liked and some I didn’t. DH and I think food quality is down since reopening and we all know menus are limited. I’m leaving off many places b/c it’s been too long since last visited. And I’m not good like Bay at descriptions. I’ll start.

Y & Y :-1: bland food won’t go there again.
B & C :-1: glad I tried it but won’t go there again either. I can make my own sundaes and burgers at home.
CG: :+1: DH liked the pizza and I liked my wontons and cheese plate, I’d like to go again when I’m hungry and try other things, but it’s closed now???
Narcoosees :+1: :+1:: Went w/ @DumboRunner and food, drink, service, view were all fabulous. I had cheese and veggies and she had scallops (I tried one and it was yummo) I’ll go again.
50’s PTC: :+1: fun atmosphere, food ok
A & C :+1: I want to go back and try more things. Liked Eggs benedict
BOG :-1: over prices and meh on the food
Boathouse :+1: Had salmon (a bit too salty but good) veggies were nicely done, bread was a delightful surprise @ninjasherrie’s seared tuna was too raw for me but she liked it. Can’t beat the water view.
Boma :+1: :+1: Can’t beat any place w/ lots of choices. Loved all the flavors and veggies were done nicely. No I’m not a vegetarian but I do eat a lot of them.
CArtS :+1: everything was as others have said but I think the chicken is better at Olivias’
Olivias :+1: :+1: been back a few times, DS asks to go there for the chicken.
CRT: :+1: a must try but pricing is for the room and so won’t go back, been 2x already
Coral Reef: :+1: All enjoyed their food but I can’t remember what everyone ordered. I had fish and laughed wondering if I saw it swimming in the tank earlier :shushing_face:
CP: have not been since it became a buffet
DH: been too long since I’ve been there
GFC :+1:: love their breakfast choices, quiche was sooo good
HV: you go for the characters not necessarily the food
MMRI: meh Italian food
Nine Dragons :-1:: a disappointment like Y & Y. I expect ethnic food to reflect a culture and not be tamed down for weak willed American taste buds afraid of heat of flavor (opps my ire came out there)
Oga’s: nope on the food! weird too salty, inedible
Planet H.: Always a good burger joint, but too loud
Rainforest: been awhile
Rix: liked it would go back, it’s bar food
SciFi: I think they do dessert better than entrees
Splitsville: another burger joint
T-Rex: a family favorite, burgers are good, so are salads and fish, but not good right now since reopening.
Teppan Edo :+1:: We go back there over and over. Food has flavor, there are choices.
Tony’s: meh Italian food but tsarmisu is good :wink:
Tusker: we’ve done breakfast and liked it but I’d rather just pay for food, I don’t need to pay extra to have characters at my table anymore.
Whispering Canyon :-1: :-1:: NOPE!!! 3x all disappointing food quality
Tea at Garden Room: fun experience, liked the tea sandwiches
Chef Mickey: Love the brunch time choices, YES!
Cantina: food is good but after living in NM we can’t eat Mexican food anywhere any more.
QS that we go back to over and over for meals not treats: ABC, Backlot, Cpt. Cook’s, Casey’s Corner, Cosmic Ray’s, FTBBQ, GP, KG,


ok… I’m short on details… sorry.
WC: food was just poor, fun atmosphere. DH always asks, “Why can’t Disney figure out how to make a hamburger!?!”

I’ve never had a bad meal at WDW.
Although, I see that there are DS restaurants on your list, so I will put Rainforest Cafe down as my most disappointing meal. Thankfully the theming made up for the mediocre food.


The only truly horrifying meal I’ve ever had was Diamond Horseshoe. It was so bad. Now that they are basically just serving LTT food it might not be so bad, but as the bbq restaurant it was awful.

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you’re lucky :laughing:


and places have changed too

They did, at D-Luxe.


OK… a place to try. I’ll report back :wink: DH is a tough customer though :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think a lot of this depends on what you order too but for me
CP - precovid :+1:
CRT - pre/post covid :+1:
JNCSC - :+1:
LTT - meh
BOG - used to be good, now meh
Pecos Bills - meh
Casey’s - :-1:
Pinocchio’s - :-1:

CR - meh
GG - :+1:
Hacienda :+1:
San Angel :+1:
Akershus meh
Tutto Italia :+1:
Biergarten meh
Teppan Edo meh
Chef’s de France meh
Le Cellier :+1:
Sunshine Seasons :+1:
La cantina meh

50s meh
Sci fi meh
Mama Melroses :-1:
HBD meh
Db7 :-1:
Woodys :+1:
ABC commissary meh
Backlot meh

Tiffins :+1:
Y&Y :+1:
Rainforest meh
Tusker House :+1:
Restaurantousaurus :+1:
Pizzafari run away

CG - :+1:
Wave :wave: bye bye but it was also :+1:
Contempo meh
1900 park meh
Ohana meh
Whispering Canyon meh
Artist Point :+1:
Trattoria al Forno precovid :+1: now meh
Boardwalk bakery meh
A&C meh
CMC meh
Sanaa :+1:
Toppolinos like a million :+1:
Three bridges :+1:

Boathouse meh
Polite pig :-1:
Homecomin meh
Blaze pizza :+1:
Gideon’s :+1:
TRex meh


Agree with this pretty much, but my expectations are fairly low (Look, I really like McDonald’s food, so form your barometer there.) You want picky eating? I ain’t yer guy, guy. It’s gotta be EXTREMELY bad for me to mark it.

So the only exception to my original agreement would be the food court at Riverside for breakfast, whatever I got, I had to do the unthinkable and not even eat it. But I’ve been challenged on that by others, so who knows.


Lol we love Polite Pig. It got my kids to eat Brussel sprouts


Table Service
Boathouse :+1:t3::+1:t3: best overall meal of our trip
Homecomin’ :+1:t3::+1:t3: and Olivia’s :+1:t3: tie for best fried chicken, but Homecomin’ has the best sides by a mile
Be Our Guest dinner :+1:t3: Too expensive, but worth it once
Rainforest Cafe :+1:t3: is a must do for us - we like both the food and the ambiance
Teppan Edo :+1:t3: Great environment and show but food is a little on the bland side; they need fried rice!
San Angel Inn :+1:t3: ambiance is perfect, food is disappointing but ok
50s Prime Time :+1:t3: had the best hamburger and shake
Ale & Compass breakfast :+1:t3: Solid

Quick Service
Docking Bay 7 :+1:t3::+1:t3: best quick service on property
Chicken Guy :+1:t3::+1:t3: Get lots of sauces
Yak & Yeti counter :+1:t3:
Sleepy Hollow :+1:t3:
Flame Tree :+1:t3:
Pecos Bill’s :-1:t3::-1:t3: hugely disappointing


Jaleo: best in the Disney bubble. World-class food, ranging from things you can eat over a gin-tonic at the bar to 10-course tasting menus. Personable and professional service. And jamon iberico…

Homecoming: I’ll never turn it down. Southern staples by way of culinary school. An inventive and excellent drink menu that features Florida local whenever it can. Bartenders and servers remember you from past visits. Probably the best-run restaurant in the Disney bubble.

Terralina: much better than I expected from the lukewarm reviews. Solid homemade pasta dishes.

Boathouse: sitting at the lakeside bar on a fall or spring day can’t be beat. Plus I don’t know how filet sliders from a seafood place can be so ridiculously good.

Maria and Enzos: deeply disappointing. Started off with outstanding burrata and salads and then everything fell off a cliff. None of the main courses were cooked right. Service was chaotic and the room was insanely loud. The manager ended up crediting most of our tab. Such a shame because it’s a beautiful Art Deco room.

The Edison: I’ve only been for drinks. The theme and decor is fantastic. The live music and dancers on weekend nights are a lot of fun, and it’s great to see people get dressed up to go somewhere. Service really gets in the weeds when it gets busy, though.

Gideon’s Bakehouse: I don’t get the hype. Levain-Bakery-style cookies are not my thing.

Toledo: Mediterranean Spanish classics done exceptionally well, everything from tapas to main courses. A genuinely interesting Spanish wine list. A beautiful room with the outstanding Dahlia lounge nearby for a digestivo and fireworks from the terrace.

Barcelona Lounge: a magical country of gin with bartenders who understand mixing and pairing. Beautifully decorated. Tied in my opinion with the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach for best hotel lobby bar in Florida (appearance only - the service and drinks are far better at Barcelona).

Topolino Terrace: excellent Mediterranean French. Not warmed over “Italian” in disguise. Sole meuniere like it’s supposed to be served. Another beautiful room with a great bar for pre-dinner drinks. Truly professional service.


Quality has decreased at many of my real life faves. I see it as part of the “new normal.” Supply chains are suffering and staffing is a mess. So my opinions are based on pre-Covid times.

Ambiance ranks almost as high as food, for me. I’ve had lots of mediocre meals at WDW, but the ambiance saved the experience.

Tony’s Town Square - Food is meh. Not horrible, though. But the fact I can have a full service meal on the patio while watching parades, Main Street USA show, etc. at the same time … Tony’s rates high for me.

Skipper Canteen - Same as above. Food was super meh, but the Skipper was great.

50’s - Meh again on food. Server was great.

California Grill - Best item I ever had there was the filet. Don’t care for the wontons, mussels (a favorite food) or Grouper. But the atmosphere is Magic and service is excellent.

I won’t prolong this. I think you get the point. Service, ambiance, atmosphere can save the food for me. I have only had two bad experiences at WDW. Narcoossee’s and Ragland Road. In both experiences food was fine - servers were rude. Will never go back there. :frowning_face:


We don’t go all the time and I’m not going to review every restaurant we have eaten at. We also haven’t eaten at every restaurant.

Mama Melrose, Ohana, and Rose and Crown are my family’s least favorite. In fact Mama Melrose is one of the worst restaurants I have ever eaten in anywhere. We only ate there for the Fantasmic seating in 2016 and regretted it.

Some of our favorites are Sci Fi, Garden Grill breakfast and BOG lunch when it was QS.

DH and I enjoyed Olivia’s for breakfast on our honeymoon in 2007. Dinner in 2016 was meh. We are doing breakfast there again in December on our departure day.


Those are good. And the Mac and cheese. The sides were fine but the bbq is honestly not edible. Lol

Fully admit I’m a bbq snob who has a hubby who can nail a brisket and I’ve eat franklins and other just as good local Texas places so I’m very very picky. But good bbq requires no sauce.


Kind of. We eat mostly QS, mostly because of finances, and eating TS with a lot of kids wasn’t going to happen. With just my wife, we did more TS. Having said that, we also aren’t fancy food people, so we prefer TS that is more common faire.


What about the annual pass-holder cookie? Wasn’t that supposed to be terrible?

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That’s not a restaurant experience though or a meal.

And I still ate it, so it’s a step above :smile: (but yeah. It was awful)


We’ve been pretty happy over the years with food at WDW. The only place that we probably wouldn’t return to is Akershus. We thought the food wasn’t great, the characters only gave half a second, service was poor, everything was rushed, and you’re practically sitting at your neighbor’s table because of how close everyone is packed in. The last part is probably somewhat better currently, but this was pre-covid. I’d image that my other grievances remain.

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