June 2019 Trip Report - Sweating through the World

My Disney-obsessed bff and I were in WDW from 6/10-6/14. It was so hot and so humid but we had so much fun!

Background: We booked this trip 43 days out through MVT so we could cancel if needed. The trip was dependent on me getting a new job which was likely, but not guaranteed, so we needed an out just in case. It wasn’t official until about 2 weeks out when I signed my offer letter! I had my last day at my old job on Friday and we were on our way on Monday. The best way to quit :grin:

Monday, 6/10: We booked our flights about 2 weeks before so we didn’t have much of a choice of airlines/flights so we flew Spirit. We’ve flown them twice before and on one trip it was fine and the other it wasn’t so we weren’t particularly excited, but it was under $250pp roundtrip including bags and seat selection whereas other flights were at least that one way, so it was worth taking a chance. We scheduled a Lyft to pick us up Monday morning at 5:50am (yay for Monday morning traffic) to take us to Logan. My friend (DF) has been to Disney ~20 times and this was her first time flying to Florida! :scream: We got to the airport on time and the flight left as scheduled. I got to say goodbye and see ya never to my old office as we took off :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’ve never flown Spirit, this is the comical size of the tray tables (sent this to my family, using my drink for size reference):

We landed a little early (~11:20am) and went to pickup our bags. We were using DME but wanted to take our bags with us as we didn’t want to wait for them once we arrived at Pop (and you can’t pack much in your Spirit personal item!!). We made it to the DME desk and ended up behind a couple who had no idea what hotel they were staying at :expressionless: The CM found their reservation after looking it up and said “ok, you’re at Pop Century?” crickets “Pop Century?” Nada. “You’re staying at Pop Century?” “…oh, Pop Century? Yes.” We had switched lines at that point and ended up right in front of them in the line for Pop. We waited about 15 mins before boarding and while standing there, we placed our Prime Now order. As we were getting on the bus, there were a couple people in front of us getting on and we were giving our bags to the driver to put underneath. The woman of the aforementioned couple walked right in front of everyone with no regard to the line to give her bags to the driver. Driver asks which hotel they’re staying at, they don’t know :roll_eyes: There were only two options, Pop and AoA. After he asked a few times they figured it out.

Pop was the second stop and we arrived at 12:30pm. We had done online checkin and didn’t have our room yet so we dropped our bags with bell services so we could go to the food court while we waited. The CM at bell services said they would bring our bags to our room once it was ready and if they weren’t there when we got there, we could call and have them brought to us. We went and ate then walked around a bit while constantly checking if we had gotten our room. We got it at 1:30, so an hour after we arrived. It was 4437, the exact room we requested!

This was our first time at Pop so we were going off of what we had read online, what looked close to the main building, and the TP room finder to pick a room. The room was perfect for us! It was on the 4th floor (we didn’t want anyone above us), was a quick walk to the buses/food court, and was at the end of the hallway so we only had neighbors on one side.

We liked the look of the renovated rooms and I love that there was no carpet- that can gross me out. Since we were continuously checking for our room, we knew it had just been made ready before we arrived so we weren’t expecting our bags right away and hung out in the room for a while (in the AC!)

Our original plan for the day was to use our bonus ticket from MVT to go to BB for an hour or two that afternoon then go to Trader Sam’s at night. DF really wanted the ice cream sundae served in a pail that’s only at the water parks and that was literally our main reason for wanting to go. You know what they say about best laid plans…

Around 2:15 it starts down pouring, so we know we weren’t getting our bags anytime soon. We decide we’ll wait it out but still want to try to go to BB for at least a little while (it was open til 5). It had stopped raining after maybe half an hour and at 3:30, DF calls about our bags since we still hadn’t gotten them. CM says they can’t deliver them since there’s lightning in the area but as soon as they’re cleared they have someone to deliver them. So we wait some more. Around 4:30, we decide to walk around the resort more since it was sunny again and we had nothing else to do. At this point BB was obviously not happening, but we decided we’d go to Disney Springs for dinner then Trader Sam’s. We were back in our room at 5:15 and still no bags, so I called because we wanted to know if we could pick them up ourselves (which we would’ve done hours ago if the CM didn’t tell us they would be delivered) or if they were actually being delivered. The CM I spoke to was very nice and said they were being delivered then and she also said they had our Prime Now order that we could either get ourselves or have it delivered for $6. We didn’t want to risk waiting for that or pay so we went to go get it.

We got to bell services, said what we were picking up and what time it had been delivered and had a very un-Disney-like encounter with the CMs there. They were trying to call down to wherever the orders are kept to make sure ours was actually there before they went to get it, which is understandable. They were using their cell phones to do it though which we thought was a little odd. Then, the original girl who was helping us ran off with someone else to go to Checkers (we were there for the whole convo about who was getting who chicken bites) and left us with someone else but she didn’t tell them what was going on. So then they were trying to call but kept getting put on hold so we stood there for 20 mins (in the lovely humidity) while they waited and kept getting hung up on. Finally someone went to get it and after another 10 mins we had it. When we got back to our room (it was now after 6) our bags were finally there!! :raised_hands:t2: We scrapped the Disney Springs idea and went straight to the Poly for dinner.

At 7 we were in like for the bus to MK to then take the monorail to the Poly. We ate at Capt Cooks and I had the pulled pork nachos which were delicious.

We then walked around a bit (DF had never been here before) before going to Trader Sam’s. We arrived at about 8:20 and had no wait to get in! Neither of us had been before and we were both looking forward to it. There were two seats open at a table with another couple so we sat right away. We were ID’d at the door since it was after 8 and then were ID’d again by our waiter so they were extra sure we were over 21 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: DF really wanted the shrunken head souvenir cup but the CM said they were all out of all of the souvenir ones :sob: She still got the Shrunken Zombie Head and I had the Krakatoa Punch.

Afterwards, DF got a dole whip (her first one!!) and we watched some of HEA (which I had never seen) before calling a Lyft back to Pop. We had an interesting convo with our driver about how he only drives in Disney and how he was doing black car service before Lyft/Uber so he knows the area really well. We were laughing because when he pulled up to the gate, the CM working was named Henry so our driver rolled down the window and just said “Henry, they’re good” and he waved us through :rofl:

Whew that was long! Next up is AK and Epcot…


The first trip report in the trip report section! And its shaping up to be a good one, love all the details!


It was fate that the category started today!


Yay! Great report!


I’m guessing the people that didn’t know they were staying at Pop Century had no idea what the MDE app is, didn’t book any ADRs and were amazed when they got turned away at dinner time. There’s no way they had fast passes booked either. Heaven help them when the leave the parks at night and have no idea what bus to take back because they don’t know where they are staying.


Oh I bet! We never saw them again, they probably ended up at the wrong hotel!


Tuesday, 6/11: We only had 3 day parkhoppers and wanted to visit all 4 parks so the plan for today was AK in the morning and Epcot in the evening. We had our FPPs for AK and even though I had scored an FOP at 11:05 (thanks to modifying!), the park hours had been extended to 8am a few weeks prior so we ended up with an 8:20am FPP instead. The plan was to arrive just before 8 and do Everest and Dinosaur before FOP.

We were going to leave our room at 7:15, but DF is notorious for being late so we actually left around 7:30. The bus times on the app worked well for us and we waited maybe 5 mins for the next AK bus. I should also mention I LOVE that Pop has the lines roped off for each bus stop (are all the values like that??). My family has always had issues in the past where other people who show up to the bus stop way after everyone else decide they’re going to be the first ones on, so this was a nice change. We were walking into AK at 8:01 so we weren’t too off schedule and used the AP line because it was so short compared to the rest of them even though we’re not AP holders (shhhh :shushing_face:).

We went straight to Everest where DF rode in the single rider line with no wait (you’ll never catch me on that) then off to Dinosaur which I love even though it gets so much hate! We then made our way to Pandora to ride FOP with our FPP. DF had last been to WDW like the day before the Pandora previews started so she hadn’t seen it at all and I had been in Oct 2017 but hadn’t even attempted to ride FOP because I had read about motion sickness problems. In the two years since then I had decided I would give it a go :upside_down_face: We had almost no wait which was nice. Overall, I have to say I don’t get the hype for it. It’s a cool idea, but looking anywhere else other than straight on was very blurry (DF said the same) so it was hard to look around and get the full experience. Without the blurriness, I don’t think I would’ve felt sick at all (though I can ride Star Tours, it’s more coasters and free falling that do me in). The constant air blowing definitely helped. I’m hoping I’ll like it more the next time I ride it when I’m not worried about feeling sick! We were off by 9:20 and stopped at the Lion King wall for pics before heading to our KS FPP.

We had a great safari and saw a good amount animals, including the baby giraffes! The smallest one is a month old. We also had a bit of a giraffic jam

After the safari, we headed to our 10:15 Tusker House ADR. We passed a smoker in the middle of the park :neutral_face: Thankfully it was the only one we saw during our trip inside the parks.

This was DF’s first time at TH, but it’s my favorite character meal! We checked in right at 10:15 and got the table ready text at 10:32. At this point, I had eaten a banana and DF had eaten about 3 goldfish so we were beyond hungry (and sweaty and gross and in need of AC). One of the reasons I love TH is that they always tell you what order the characters come to the tables in and how to know when they’re close so you know when to go to the buffet. We had a leisurely brunch and were there for about 75 minutes. Most of the tables had cleared so we met all of the characters twice and some three times. The ADR time was great and the last time we went up there were lunch items as well.

Once we were stuffed and well hydrated, we headed to the gorillas so we could see the new baby, Grace.

Unfortunately we couldn’t really see her because she was in her mom’s arms. But I did identify with this gorilla:

We then tried to see the otters in Otter Grotto but none were out! So instead we headed to Kali for our last FPP. Our plan was to get wet then leave. We changed out of our sneakers into flip flops before getting in line (this is a running joke in my family, my dad has at least 2 pairs of Mickey flip flops he’s purchased after getting his sneakers soaked on KRR :slightly_smiling_face:). We got wet but the water was warm so it didn’t even feel good!! We shopped a bit on our way out (and saw Kevin!) before taking the bus back to Pop. It started pouring on our way back so we made good time! We were back in our room by 2pm.

While on the bus back, I got a Test Track FPP for 4:20. I tried to modify it to be a bit later but had no luck so we had a goal of getting to Epcot by 5pm. I think we left our room around 4:15 for the bus? This photo was taken at 4:51 so we had plenty of time:

We went straight to Test Track and didn’t have much of a wait. We then did Figment at the request of DF and wanted to meet Ralph and Vanellope afterwards but the line was super long so we bailed. We headed to Baymax instead who DF absolutely needed to meet (I’ve met him before but I do love him!). We had a lovely family in line behind us who’s daughter continuously touched/hit/walked into us during the maybe 15 min wait while the parents yelled at her to stop (that clearly worked). Baymax was great and we also spilled some tea about some Etsy ear shops with the college program CMs who were with him :grin:

We had a Via Napoli ADR at 6:45 and headed there next. The line to checkin was out the door but it moved quickly (convo behind us was about how it must be busy because it’s dinner time, they did not have an ADR, cmon people!) We waited less than 10 minutes to be seated and ordered pretty quickly since we already knew what we were getting. I had the sangria to drink and DF had the Sicilian Sunset which I tried and it was good. The table next to us was a mother and daughter and the mom saw I had the sangria and asked if I thought it was good and I said yes so she ordered it. We heard them talking when they got their drinks that they didn’t really like the sangria because it tasted like wine and fruit??? Hmmm :thinking: Our pizza came out quickly too and it was delicious. We both love the pizza here and were not disappointed! We got pepperoni because DF was feeling adventurous :rofl: (picky is an understatement for her)

Our next order of business was drinks from France. I got the frosé from Les Halles and DF got the citron slush from Les Vins de Chefs de France. The frosé we had seen on insta (it’s not on the menu on MDE) but they did have it and they also had another frozen drink with cranberry. We both liked them and they were perfect for the weather!

We walked around the world showcase a bit while we finished our drinks until we made it to Mexico. We did the Gran Fiesta Tour and enjoyed looking at all the Coco stuff while we waited for the Illuminations crowds to disperse. We were super full but DF really wanted a margarita from La Cava and it was closing at 10 (it was now after 9) and I couldn’t turn down that opportunity even though I had no room for it, so we got margaritas to go. DF had the pineapple and I had the cucumber. Mine was really good, would’ve been better if I wasn’t so full though :yum:

It was now EMH and we used that time to shop in Mouse Gear :joy:

We thanked the Phoneicians on our way out (walk on!) and walked the loooong way to the Pop bus stop. This is my only major complaint about Pop, that it was always the furthest bus stop. I get it because those who pay more shouldn’t have to walk as far but it was still annoying! What was even more annoying was that the line for Pop was sooooo long that night. Like out the ropes long. We were tired, sweaty, and our feet hurt and we waited for a bit with no bus coming so we bailed and decided to call a Lyft. The issue with this plan was that the ride share pickup was on the other side so we had to walk all the way back to the entrance and go through security to be able to get there. It was worth it though for the direct transportation. I’m also telling myself we got back much earlier than we would have on the bus! Our Lyft driver this night gave us a whole spiel on riding the “silver monorail”, aka his car, which was pretty funny (like one long dad joke) but we were too tired to laugh much.

Next up is a long day of MK!


I’ve never heard this phrase before! Well except when relating to a cup of tea (I’m English, we drink a lot of tea!).

What a great day!


Ha! It’s what the kids say :smirk: It basically means gossip.


I worked it out! We’d say spilling the beans.


This is a really good trip report! Thank you for sharing!

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You should have leaned over and suggested they ask for a sangria without the wine and fruit! :rofl:



Ah yes, the best kind of sangria, a cup of ice


It took me a minute to get this reference. But it finally came to me when I heard it in Judy Dench’s voice in my head! :joy:


Sounds like a great trip so far. Looking forward to the rest of the TR.

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and added “I’ll take that of your hands!”


I own three Animal Kingdom beach towels for this reason. I now bring my own towel to the park.


aww I wonder if it was someone’s parents or something and the kids made all the ressies and they were meeting their parents at hotel


Wednesday, 6/12: Today was MK all day! Neither of us have seen the welcome show at MK so that was our goal (I’ve yet to make an actual rope drop ever so :woman_shrugging:t2:). We left our room later than planned so it was probably 8:15 when we got to the bus stop and the line for MK was cray. Thankfully buses came one after another so we didn’t have to wait too long, but we did miss the welcome show (and RD!). We got into the park by 9:10 with everyone and their mother! We had FPPs for Splash, BTMRR, and 7DMT so we decided to head to Tomorrowland so DF could ride Space without a ridiculous wait. It wasn’t a walk on since we were behind the RD crowd but it was only like 20 mins and we were in no rush so it was fine. I rode the Peoplemover (one of my favs!) and had an iced chai from Joffrey’s while I waited. The paper straws do disintegrate quickly. But I love the Disney cups!

We were going to do Buzz after she was done but the line was up to 45 mins so we skipped that and did Pirates instead which was only a 5 min wait. After that, we stopped for a snack and had a visit from Big Al while we ate!

We then did Splash with FPP and BTMRR with FPP and then the Country Bears for some much needed AC. I love people who have never seen the shows like this before and crack up at everything! We had some time to kill before our 7DMT FPP so we got some ice cream at Storybook Treats.

After 7DMT (where there were people in the FPP line who didn’t know what FPPs were of course), we took the bus back to Pop for lunch, showers, and naps. We took a long break this afternoon while it rained and had scheduled our next FPP for Buzz for 5:20 so we had time before we had to return. I had planned to check for FPPs during the rain that would convert to anytime and had the perfect opportunity but completely forgot!! Oh well. We needed extra rest so we didn’t head back to MK until closer to 6 and pushed our FPP back a bit. We went to Starbucks when we got back (double star day!) and had to wait a while for my drink even though the line was pretty short. Pro tip: if you want free ice water with a lid, go to Starbucks. You can also get the cute Starbucks Disney cup! We stopped for some purple wall pics afterwards.

We did Buzz with our FPP and after talking a big game to DF, she beat me :roll_eyes: We mobile ordered dinner at Cosmic Rays and both had the half chicken, which is a pretty good value for all the food you get. This was my first time having it (I’m usually there for the toppings bar), but it’s a staple for DF (though she got fries instead of the mac n cheese because it’s not Kraft :rofl:)

While in line for Buzz we had gotten an FPP for Small World so we did that before heading to the hub for HEA. As I said previously, I’ve never seen HEA (except for some fireworks from the Poly now) so I really wanted to be able to see the projections. We got there around 8:45 for a 9:15 showing and walked around seeing where we could squeeze in. The most room was actually in the hub. The CMs at the entrance we used were trying to get us to go in another way, but the woman in front of us said her family was already in there so we stuck with her :joy: Once in, we actually weren’t too crowded and shortly after the CMs had everyone stand so there was even more room. HEA was great (def worth seeing the projections) I just wish it wasn’t so hot! We also had a few children on shoulders around us but we could mostly see around them.

We had scored a PP FPP after Small World so we navigated through the crowds to Fantasyland. PP is one of my favorites though I’ve yet to see the regular queue! Someday. We then did Under the Sea and Dumbo with FPPs and by that point it was after 10:45pm (park was closing at 11 with EMH until 1am) so that was the end of our FPPs. We ended up with 5 extras which was not too bad considering we took a 5 hour break! After Dumbo, we were in Big Top Souvenirs and decided to get some snacks. DF had the donut cookie (that’s our name for it) and she said it was delicious, I had the dark chocolate covered pineapple which was also very good. The only issue with mine was even though I was eating it over a napkin, half of the chocolate fell off and bounced off the napkin onto the ground. It was ok though, I only wanted the pineapple at that point.

It was now officially EMH and even though we wanted to stay out late, we were soooo tired. We headed to HM for our last ride of the night. We waited less than 15 mins and then the fun started. There was an obnoxious family with us in the stretching room who talked throughout it. We then of course ended up right behind them in line and they were in the 3 doom buggies ahead of us. We got to the room with Madame Leota and the dad decides he’s going to take a picture with flash of his family! Wonderful. First one wasn’t good enough so he did it again. Then mom turns her phone flashlight on because she “couldn’t see who was taking it” (I’m sorry but who do you think took it?!) Another woman clapped when they were done. We get into the room with the graveyard where they sing Grim Grinning Ghosts and mom’s flashlight goes on again, we are like oh great here we go again. Then all of a sudden someone runs by me and the ride stops. One of their teens GOT OFF THE RIDE. They are cracking up. Apparently he dropped his phone so he HAD to get off the ride to get it. We were a bit skeptical about this because it’s pitch black so how did he find it so quickly (he was off and back on in 30 seconds) and how did he get out of the restraint so quickly if he wasn’t planning on getting out? Another member of their party was like “wow the ride stopped right away”, like no @$&# Sherlock. So then we sat in that room for probably 10 mins wondering if anything was going to happen. It didn’t and the ride proceeded as normal. We were so hoping someone would be waiting for them at the exit to scold them but nope. They get off and regroup and are laughing about how funny that was. Dad says he would’ve done the same thing if he dropped his phone. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We walked by them to leave and as we’re walking away, another group comes up to them and this woman starts yelling about them getting off the ride. Apparently her daughter was scared of the ride already and then had the added stress of sitting there in the dark while the ride was stopped. We left but stood by the exit just in case we’d get a good show. Obnoxious family leaves and as they’re going they were saying things like “if the girls scared she shouldn’t ride anyways” and that the woman’s husband needs to control her :roll_eyes:

Anyways, that was our fun for the evening and we were heading down Main St at 11:45pm to catch a bus back to Pop! I believe this night a bus was waiting when we got there and we were so thankful! By the time my head hit the pillow it was 1:30am :sleeping: