Jollywood Party

Yes, I’m hoping it’s opening-night hiccups that they’ll smooth out over the coming weeks.

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I guess the only “good” news is that they do have a full week to work on improving the event… :man_shrugging:


My wife has been reading a Facebook group dedicated to the event, plus watching numerous YouTubers.

While the overall universal feel is that this has been a huge miss on Disney’s part…those that had positive things to say was focused almost exclusively on the extremely low wait times for the rides. So if you go to the event with an expectation of getting on all the available rides, then it is a win.

However, I have to wonder if, after all the disasterous reporting on the other aspects of the party (you know…that actually “party” parts), if people will shift their focus from those things to the rides. If so, the wait times for the rides may climb, but the waits for the food and such might balance out.

The more I am hearing about it, the more this feels like a huge money grab from Disney. Apparently even the fireworks show is nothing new. It is what used to be included as just part of going to Hollywood Studios as Christmastime in the before times.

I REALLY hope that Disney rights this quickly for those of you who are already scheduled to go.

There was, apparently, at least one person who reported that they called Disney and asked to switch their Jollywood party ticket to a MVMCP ticket instead after seeing the reports. I doubt Disney could possibly absorb too many guests who request that, though.


This, thankfully, has always been my goal. I’m not interested in HBD / Tip-Top, even if they had been successful. Universal closes at 7pm that night, so I’m coming over to Jollywood to “extend” my night. If I’m lucky I’ll get to say “Hello!” to other Liners while there in-between rides…

I was pretty happy when all the ride posted waits shown were, basically, walk-on. It does suck that RotR was down most of the night… :cry: (that’s always an issue though…)

Yep! It’s all the same stuff that they did before the pandemic during normal park hours…

The promise of HBD being this “swinging” Christmas party was ONE garland and the piano player doing one Christmas tune for every 4 - 5 Disney tunes…

The Tip-Tip “Club” is 3 rolling drink carts??

I wasn’t sure about the food, but had saw a couple good looking items. However, I’m not gonna wait 20 - 30 minutes or MORE in a QS queue… Now, I’m planning on eat a BIG lunch or early dinner at Universal before leaving…

I don’t know… I fell like there are more people going for the Event attractions /shows / food than rides. The park has so few rides, compared to the other parks, that this event is about those things and the rides are there “just in case”


I will be quite curious to see what happens to availability. There are currently only 3 sold out nights (one of which was last Saturday).

If the remaining dates remain available, it could mean lower crowds for those who already have tickets.

Will Disney end up with (perhaps for the first time) an event they don’t sell out all dates for after this? Time will tell.

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Not even this—1 cart, 3 drink options.


All pre-mixed – so there was no excuse for not having more carts/CMs because there was no extra skill to “making” the drinks.

I’m sure they will scramble to improve after even their most enthusiastic influencers struggled to say anything nice and none of them have said it was worth the price this year.


One thing that immediately stood out to be about the Tip Top Twilight Soiree was that they had a jazz trio, plus the vocalist, but they were playing recorded/canned big-band music. This immediately felt inauthentic. If you have a jazz trio, there is plenty you can do with that, musically, without the need to inject recorded music. I started to watch the musicians, and even wondered if they were ACTUALLY playing, or if they were…uh…whatever the equivalent of lip-syncing is for instruments! The vocalist was genuine for sure.


Really?? I thought I saw more in the video. Either way that sucks!

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Any major spoilers within?


That’s what I remember hearing. Maybe I’m remembering wrong or heard wrong.

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No idea, it just got released :slightly_smiling_face:


Not really…but the information contained within feels awfully…nice…compared to what others are reporting. I am wondering if the TP staff were part of this as Media, and so can’t really offer honest feedback? I was sus when they referred to the show as being good. It wasn’t. It was mediocre at best. (I can’t say how the Nightmare Before Christmas show was, since I neither saw it nor have any interest in it whatsoever.)

Honestly, I am not sure there is much about this party that can be “spoiled”, really. The article read rather factual in nature.

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NBC is good. Legitimately good. I’ve watched the show twice. I have switched my priority order for shows after watching both on youtube. I don’t think the Miss Piggy/Kermit show is awful, but it is meh. I’d compare it to the stage show in MK and that one looks more fun.

I also don’t think the Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! show looks bad. It looks pretty good to me compared to what I was expecting from Magic of Animation and the other God Awful one they show regularly. It at least has a story, good music and more fireworks. But I do get that people are upset it’s not original or has additions.


I don’t see any spoilers

I also don’t see any information that is new from what has been shared here and in other threads discussing the event.

And, random, it’s different to read reviews as a CM parent :laughing:
The reviews are accurate (from what I can tell as they are consistent across the board with what was good and what was not good) and I would never want anyone to hold back on an honest review. That said I just found myself feeling so bad for the CMs that worked the event to now have to read “YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK” all over the internet. My CM kiddo wasn’t even involved in the event at all and my heart still breaks a bit for all of them.


Is it modified from what it always was? I loved that show when I’ve seen it in the past and would 100% be sure to see it in this setting. Of course I really like Prep & Landing.

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Are people saying that? I don’t think ANYONE blames the CMs for any of this. In fact, I’ve read the opposite…praise to the CMs for trying to make this the best experience in spite of the event being a bust.


I mean… that’s how it reads. :woman_shrugging:t2:

OK maybe not about CMs in general but this is their work, ya know?