JetBlue question

A little concerned…

We have not flown JetBlue before, so I’m not as familiar with them as our usual airline.

I have been tracking our flight schedule from time to time knowing how the airlines have been. They did email me once a while back to say they were changing our itinerary (previously we were leaving at 6am-ish and now we are leaving at 9am-ish). I logged in at that time to confirm that I received the itinerary change.

Just now I logged in and I see our flight information, but for our outbound flight it says “No Ticket Issued” next to each of our names. For the return flight there is a ticket number for each of us.

Does anyone know what that means? I am on hold with JetBlue right now (chat is down :roll_eyes: ) to ask but if someone here who is more familiar with them happens to be able to answer that would be great! I am scared to think they have us overbooked after they ixnayed our original flight. I’m already unhappy with the change, I sure don’t want to find out on the day of that we are now standby.

Did you confirm the new flight and did they change your seats when they made the change? They have been changing my flights every time (I loved the free change for my President’s week flight).

You should be able to see your assigned seats.

I confirmed the new flights.
I cannot confirm a seat until check-in 24hrs in advance.

What type of fare? I have always picked my seats as part of the booking?

Blue basic. Carryon only.

Sorry, I know I have booked Blue basic but it was before they started limiting to the one bag. I have always picked my seat as part of the booing process so this must be a change.

It might be different for me too since I switched from the Southwest card to JetBlue and there are some benefits.

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Yeah this is what it says under the itinerary to inform what the * means under “Seat”

HA but if I click on Assign Seats it tells me, for the outbound flight, “Seat selection is not available for your flight at this time.”

If I click on the return flight, though, I can choose seats.

Crap. I think they moved me to an oversold flight. If that’s the case I want a refund. There are other airline options.

I can only be glad I’m seeing this 2.5 weeks out. Hopefully I can get it resolved satisfactorily.


I had JetBlue change my flight slightly for my last trip and had the same ‘no ticket issued’ when I looked online, but we didn’t have an issue. I didn’t have Blue Basic and picked a seat, but if it’s the wording of the ticket that is bothering you, I definitely had that on my last couple flights.

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I think at this point the combination of “no ticket issued” and also not able to pick a seat, while the return flight does have a ticket number and I did just assign seats to us, has me really concerned. This is a short trip, a special trip (aren’t they all though?) and I do not want to find myself on the morning of travel in a situation where we aren’t on a flight.

I’m 54 minutes into an expected 90 minute hold. Hoping they have good things to say to me

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And I checked my next flight - it says it too.

Although, also annoying, if I look on the website, it doesn’t have a seat assigned, but on the app I see the seats

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I would definitely make sure it’s not a problem!

I’ll add the app and see what I see there. There was no option to assign seats at booking for me though.

@FindMeAFishingSpot thank you for mentioning the app. I just got the app and logged in there and it does show us assigned to seats there. Perhaps when they moved us over they just assigned us seats? Weird that it doesn’t show on the website. I’ve been holding almost the whole estimated wait time so I think I’ll continue and ask about the no ticket issued thing but my BP is coming back to normal.

Thank you!


You’re welcome! It’s incredibly frustrating to be so close and see something go wrong. I hope you have a fabulous trip!

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Although I always pick my seats they also changed them for every flight I have booked (3 trips in a row) when they changed the flight.

I have been booking them to MCO from Logan because there are so many flights. The changes are never an issue (actually got me better flights almost every time).

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I got through after just a little more than 90 minutes (posting here delayed by dinner).

It’s all set. She has no idea why it shows that way but indeed we have been confirmed, ticketed, and assigned seats on both flights.

I feel better! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


My parents will be there at the same time! They are going to Food & Wine to celebrate his 70th birthday. I hope you both have fabulous trips!


Whoops, nope, other coast!

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