Jedi Training at Rope Drop

Do you still need to rope drop Jedi Training? I heard it wasn’t a mad rush like it used to be. Park opens at 8. Can I go ride Slinky Dog first?

We spilt up - the parents & kid went to Jedi sign up & rest of us (3) went to SDD line. SDD line moved pretty fast once it got going. We were in the ride queue by the time they caught up to us, but CM’s let them thru when we identified where we were. I know the first day we went to HS by the time we worked our way over all times were gone. But that was a few hours after open.

Recent thread with my experience and others

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Just did this a few days ago. We rode everything in TSL first (SDD with a FPP within an hour of opening). We showed up to Jedi Training sign up about 90 min. after the park opened and my son was signed up for the 5:40 show. We could have done an earlier one but we had a late lunch reservation that I wasn’t sure we would have completed.

On 2/2 we went to sign up at 8:20am after 7:00am opening. Still had slots from 11:40am on. While waiting to check in for show later in the day, heard CMs telling walk-ups that they are generally full by 9:30am.

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We were there December 21st-a saturday. Did RNR, TT, TSM, SD, and ASS. Walked over at about 9:30 and signed up for a noon time.

This was pretty much my experience on Dec 19th except my boys refused to sign up. :sob: They’re growing up too quickly! ::throws more money at Disney::

If they’d been interested, we would have had our pick of times.

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My 12 y/o thought he was too old…but my DD rocked it! I’m sure you have seen the Disney commercial with the daughter going off to college? 2 trips last year for us…another already planned for this year. I feel like I work for Disney…

Sweet! Glad she enjoyed it.

Luckily I saw that ad the week before our last trip. I am taking DS7 in March for a mostly non-park trip. We are doing DAH at MK and I added on the HEA DP today. May be pricing out a Thanksgiving trip too. You can always cancel, right? I can feel this moment slipping away and I just want to enjoy it. :cry:

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Well you can cancel…but somehow that’s were I always start my thinking and then I end up on Main Street thinking this is awesome!