Jedi Training 2019?

There are no times showing for any dates in 2019 yet? Is this the norm or is something planned for the the Jedi Training?

I just got off chatting with an agent on the WDW website and was sadly informed that after 1/12/19 it is going on hiatus at HS, and hopes to return by the opening of Galaxy. I expressed my displeasure of this news and the fact that they have not made this news very clear on the web page for the attraction. His reply was simply that the calendar is providing that information.

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Thanks for that update! That is very disappointing for sure! I wonder why it hasn’t been talked about more? Probably because they are cutting out so many things that they are trying to keep some things low key I guess. Putting all the eggs in the Galaxy’s Edge basket is understandable but there are families, like mine, that are going to be there prior to it opening and deserve a great experience as well.

Yeah, we were not too happy and I was shocked by the reply from the agent. I know there was the recent fall announcement in regards to Jedi at DL, but I thought it was made clear by Disney, that Jedi in HS at WDW was going to be around for the near future. Maybe the near future is here. I asked another agent via chat the same question trying to confirm what I was told by the first, and simply was given the instructions on how to enroll for Jedi at HS, so I asked specifically again about the calendar not showing any performances after 1/12/19, and was suggested to check at the end of the week to see if the calendar is updated as this agent was not noting anything about a refurbishment for it. It just seems so odd that there is nothing yet for anything past 1/12/19 per the calendar and all you get is the “No performance today.” So I am just hoping the first agent I spoke with had the wrong info, and they are simply trying to get things sorted out with the new year. As I would assume that if what the first agent told us was true, Disney would have been more transparent about those plans as we are talking about it being less than a month away from “hiatus” per the first agent.

I just tried to confirm it on chat with an agent and they said that more times should be released soon. Then I told them what you had been told and she said they do not have any official announcements yet but I was welcome to check back. Disney being Shady lol

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Oh, man. I have two little boys who would love to do this in February if it’s still available. Otherwise I guess we will just get in an extra ride on TSM. I hope they announce one way or the other soon so we can plan!

Oh, no! I hope this isn’t true. My nephews are counting on this activity in January!

They already shut it down in DLR. I think/hope for the same reason,

We are signed up for the Star Wars tour and it would be a real bummer if that wasn’t still included! Arg. I know they have a lot of stuff in the works, but it’s frustrating when stuff closes.

I asked Kenny the Pirate on his chat room and he hadn’t heard anything about it and he seems pretty tuned in to what’s going on, so I guess we will see!

Following for July…

me too

Anyone heard anything else? Still no times for after Jan12 which is 2 weeks? My FPP day is approaching and I’m trying to figure out a plan for our one day in HS, which seems to be the hardest day to plan for me. Should I assume Jedi is gone or that Disney is just slow with the calendar updates?

It’s kind of strange. I haven’t heard anything from any other forums about this stuff. Maybe it was just misinformation by that one cast member. I hope it was!

I chatted with another cast member and they said they don’t have any info about Jedi Training going away. They said more dates should be coming. Still kind of shady

Fingers crossed. It is a bit shady. Especially as it is less than 2 weeks from now. You’d think the calendar would be updated for all of January at least when all other shows and such are updated.

Following for April. I will have two very disappointed boys if it has been discontinued. Coming from the UK so no idea if we’ll ever get the chance to get back again and if we do it’ll probably be after they turn 12!

So, is there an update? we are now past Jan 12. We go next week. is Jedi training happening?

@EmilyOTR I’ve been following too—on Dis website, schedule is available through Feb 23 so looks like they are just updating periodically instead of for months at a time. Hope your kids enjoy!

thank you, last time we went I couldn’t scheduled until we were in the park that day, that is still the case, right?
I didn’t know there was a schedule online?