Jedi Training 2019?


also curious who is coming out to fight the kids. Last time my kids got the Seventh Sister which was extremely disappointing, when the other half got Darth Vader.


Yes, that’s true. You still have to sign up day-of in park. I found the schedule on the calendar on the Jedi Training page on the Disney website. I’ve been checking in randomly as our trip isn’t until March but I was worried that it was ending since it was not on the schedule far in advance. Looks like it is just a schedule update issue.


I think it’s Darth Vader or Kylo Ren now. We got stuck with the Seventh Sister last trip too, disappointing.


We went at the end of fall and it was Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. Our two oldest daughters LOVED it.


They fought Kylo Ren indivdually? That would be great. Mine have already fought the other two but really want to do it again.


Yes, half the kids got to fight Kylo Ten individually, and half Darth Vader. My kids were among the first registered, and the first to show up at the designated time and they were asked which group they preferred (Vader or Kylo). Our 6 year old daughter was so intense at the beginning of her individual fighting routine that Kylo said “the force is strong with this one” and my husband could not have been prouder!


My boys will be thrilled. I hope they keep it that way for awhile. Thanks


We will be at HS on February 26, 2019 and my son has never had the opportunity to do Jedi Training so I’m just hoping they have it that day!


Dates have been extended through March 2nd now! Guess they are just keeping them not too far out!